Sagittarius: Be More Flexible and Tolerant

Remember, the motto of your love life is quality not quantity.

The new year has started with a bang, and we're here to give you our yearly predictions for you, Sagittarius. We looked to, both, the stars and the cards to see what 2019 has in store for you. 

Astro : This is a great year to finally lock in on your dream house. Communication and intellect would be your strong suit in 2019—use these gifts to your advantage, both personally and professionally. On the home front, you will need to be more flexible and tolerant. Travel is on the cards, and it’ll widen your circle of contacts.

Tarot : This year, be on your best behaviour at work. Someone might displease you, unearthing your hidden insecurities. Don’t let it ruin all the hard work you’ve put in. You might feel a financial crunch, and will be left wondering how to generate money to satiate your needs. Things will improve as the year progresses. You will review the quality of your love life or relationship(s) and will realise that’s exactly what you want—quality not quantity—and so far, it’s been the other way around.