Why It’s Important to Stay Woke About the Ingredients In Your Skincare Products

Lesser chemicals + More protection= The best choice for your skin.

It’s 2019, and people are particular about what they are putting in and on their bodies. Be it diet-trends (hello gluten-free and vegan peeps), saying no to plastics or sussing out the ingredients that go into our food and skincare products, everybody seems to be becoming a lot more aware of what they are consuming. Gone are the days of roaming the aisles of  a departmental store and adding products to your shopping cart on a whim. Instead, we now find that most people like to study labels and fine-print to understand exactly what goes into the products they are purchasing.



While it is true that some ingredients are essential (for their disinfectant properties amongst other things), it’s also important to include products with fewer chemicals in our daily regime. With more and more consumers now gravitating toward skincare products that have lesser chemical additives, cutting-down on chemicals and providing stronger and safer protection is a top priority amongst skincare brands.

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For example, Dettol has launched a new range of products called Dettol Co., which has been created and made with ingredients approved by millennial moms! The brand conducted elections for moms and they voted out compromises, opting to create a product that has lesser chemicals and stronger protection. Where as in the past, mothers have always needed to compromise between protection and lesser chemicals, Dettol’s new range will focus on zero compromise, and will focus on using fewer chemical ingredients without compromising on the products’ protective properties.