Your Aquarius Horoscope for the Year 2020

Our in-house astrologer tells you what's in store for your sign✨ and everything that is going to happen to you in the year 2020. 

Love & Relationship

Around the middle of the January, tension and uncertainty connected to your partner could cause you some worry. Cooperation and communication will restore the harmony between both of you. Love and romance will blossom after the 20th. Venus, Mars and Sun will all serve to boost your love life. Those who are single will have excellent opportunities to get into relationships after the 20th. It is possible that you will be attracted to someone within your social circle. Mercury will help you to be eloquent, and this will help in forming relationships.

Career & Finance

January horoscope is not very good for Aquarius professionals. An unclear situation at the work place will baffle you. There will be conflict with certain colleagues. Your hard work and diligence will not be rewarded, and certain situations may frustrate you. Travelling for work will also not yield the expected results. Worry not, because these very circumstances can turn in your favour, just as long as you communicate properly. You will be able to make money through speculations and investments. People involved in fine arts and entertainment will reap some rewards.  

Health & Fitness

Exercising is important, both for your brain and your body. It’s time to sweat it out and lose that excess flab that has been weighing on your mind and body.  After the 20th,there will be further improvement in your well-being. Enjoy your life, as good times will be rolling in!