Interior blogger Erica Davies Reveals How to Get Insta-Perfect Home Decor

Erica Davies knows a lot about having a brave and vibrant home

When Instagram is so full of beautifully curated homes, knowing what to do with your own interiors can feel a little overwhelming. Do you want to go minimalist and cool? Maximalist and edgy? Colourful and eclectic?

If you're hoping to inject a variety of bold colours and clashing prints into your home but aren't really sure where to start, fashion and interiors blogger Erica Davies, who has just launched her second collection with QVC, has the answer.

She advises starting off small and choosing items your eye naturally marries together, in order to make the clashing prints or colours (or both!) pleasing. "The best way to make it work is to start off small," Erica tells the Cosmopolitan UK. "Because I was a fashion editor for so long, I’m quite comfortable mixing prints, but I totally understand it can feel daunting.


"If you start with something like cushion covers, you can easily inject a mixture of prints into your home by looking for common themes. If one cushion is navy and white stripe, and you want to mix it with a floral, look for a navy or a white colour within that floral. Your eye then connects the colours together, making the mix of prints and colours work."

By having a commonly occurring colour, you're able to introduce other colours into the mix, as well as complementary patterns. So while one cushion might be pink and white leopard print, providing another cushion has some white in it, you could introduce a blue, or an orange.


Speaking about why it's so important to clash different textures together, Erica added, " You want your decor to contain things that are soft and shiny, and rough and smooth and all those contradictions.

"I like lots of layers in a home, and to build those up gradually - that’s what makes up a beautiful home setting!"

Consider us sold.