4 Décor Tips for the Millennials

Chumbak Co-Founder Shubra Chadda tells us how to create a space that reflects your personality.

You may go for a vacation and stay at the most luxe hotels, with designs that gratify all your senses. But, no matter where you go, nothing will embrace you with the warmth that you feel at your home. And with millennials moving out from their native cities for work, it is essential that the new space resoundingly reflect their personality.


India-inspired, design led, lifestyle brand Chumbak's Co-Founder Shubra Chadda tells us the 4 décor tips that millennials can use to make their sanctuary an extension of their personality.



  • What pieces can be added to give a millennial vibe to a traditional home?

A great way to do this is to layer fun prints or patterns on top of more traditional pieces: a fun rug layered over a more neutral one or perhaps bright cushions on a neutral sofa. Plants also really add to the millennial vibe.

  • How can one impart a unique style to their space with decor pieces? 

Draw inspiration from your interests and decorate the space with objects that reflect your personality. Add your twist to daily functional objects by curating fun doormats, mugs and other décor items. 

  • What tips would you give to the millennials who have small homes?

Invest in functional/multi-purpose furniture like beds with built-in storage and storage benches. This helps avoid clutter.  As William Morris says "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

  • What tips would you give to students who move out of their cities to make their rooms more homely?

Keeping a couple of plants can be wonderfully calming; if you are not very great with them, maybe some fake plants in planters! Decorate your study area with pictures of your family, friends and pets. Don’t forget some cozy lighting and comfortable bedding to make you feel right at home.