Have You Tried the Ice Cube Skin Remedy Yet?

The cheapest and simplest cure for your skin woes

Ice is in fact, one of the most underrated yet effective skin hack out there. The easiest, most accessible and absolutely free remedy can solve a number of skin woes. It has been used by actors and makeup artists since long and for good reason. Though summer is the best time to call out the fresh out-of-the-freezer ice cubes to rescue you from angry zits, under eye bags and open pores, they can be used round the year. To address different skin problems you need to combine it with simple ingredients like black coffee, chamomile, xx, etc. No wonder, the humble ice is a go-to skincare hack for Katrina Kaif. Read on to add it in to your daily skin care regime, if you haven’t done it yet. 


Get a healthy glow

Yes, you only need a few ice cubes to get dewy fresh skin in IRL. Gently rub it on your face to increase blood circulation for that healthy glow. You can also use ice cubes to enhance the performance of your beauty products. For instance, use ice cubes to massage your face after applying a serum or a face mask. The ice seals the ingredients and helps in better penetration.

Rid yourself of puffy eyes


Freeze some black coffee and rub the caffeine squares around your eyes to drain the excess fluid. You can also let the squares rest on your eyes as caffeine’s constrictive properties will help you get rid of the swelling.

Soothe irritated skin 

The stinging redness after threading, waxing, peel or a laser treatment can be gotten rid of with chamomile ice cubes. Brew some chamomile tea, pour it in an ice tray and freeze. Use these cubes to massage irritated or stinging skin for immediate relief.

Clear angry zits

Zits and angry breakouts can show up when you are least expecting them. These are also the most difficult to hide with makeup. A concealer won’t help as much as frozen cinnamon cubes. It’s usually bacteria that causes acne, so cinnamon which has anti-bacterial properties is an effective treatment. Mix cinnamon powder or essential oil with water and freeze. Gently rub the frozen cubes on the acnes for best results.


Shrink pores before applying makeup

Applying layers of makeup on open pores can lead to clogging and unwanted breakouts. Also, the pores at times are visible despite the concealer and foundation. Most makeup artists tackle open pores with ice packs.