7 Ways to Give Your Room a Sustainable Decor Makeover

Plants, recycled rugs and more - celebrity interior designer Anuradha Aggarwal tells you how to decorate consciously.

Going green with your wardrobe and beauty products? Well, we suggest you take forward ethical living to your home decor too. 

The sustainable, conscious decor is one of the hottest trends on the block as clean living becomes the buzz word (and, rightly so!) for 2020. "I think it’s fantastic that people are adopting more sustainable ways of decorating their interiors and there are a number of ways in which you can do that", says celebrity interior designer Anuradha Aggarwal, founder of Olives Cre.  

So, if you want to use this time to go green in your home, here are Anuradha's suggestions to do exactly that:

Going green, forreal

"Incorporating plants is perhaps one of the best ways you can decorate your homes. Not only do they look elegant, but they also impart freshness and add a stroke of natural beauty to your interiors."

green decor

Choose the right fabric

"Instead of using animal-based textiles, switch to plant-based or synthetic textiles. Cushions, throw pillows, rugs, and carpets made of jute, bamboo, cotton and linen are much better options than using textiles made of leather, fur, suede etc."

Colour it organic

"Use organic paints. Instead of using paints that use VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), use paints with natural binders like casein. They are harmless and prevent you from a plethora of respiratory illnesses, headaches, and diseases of the liver, kidneys, and even cancers, which can be caused by carcinogenic substances in chemical paints."

sustainable decor

Give second-chances

"Buy pre-used furniture. Not only is it environmentally friendly but it also adds a vintage charm to your indoor spaces."

Classics never go out of style

"Playing too much with ever-changing trends isn’t eco-friendly. If you are environment conscious, you should consider embellishing your space with timeless designs that never go out of style, like chandeliers and vases."

vintage decor

Try mood-lighting

"Candles are a great way of setting up the mood – especially on romantic occasions. But normal wax candles can emit toxins, so you should go for eco-friendly soy candles."

Say no to plastic

"Go plastic-free! Plastic is one of the greatest menaces to the environment. Going plastic-free as much as possible is perhaps the best thing you can do in terms of sustainable decor – especially that there are so many alternatives to that now."