Chef-Approved Recipe to Make a Vegetarian Pizza This Weekend!

Tasty and super healthy, Chef Ishijyot Surri shares his favourite pizza recipe that can be prepared at home.

If your thought pineapple as a pizza topping is a great idea, you will love this pizza recipe!

Chef Ishijyot Surri shares one such easy pizza that you can prepare at home - the Sicilian Aubergine Pizza. 

He says, "Aubergine, is one such ingredient I prefer in a pizza due to multiple reasons. This ingredient definitely rich in vitamins and minerals and helps digestion. It's an unusual ingredient very few people prefer though."

Still on board? Here's how to prepare your slices!

easiest pizza you will ever make


Ciabatta bread mix ½ x 500g bag 
Olive oil
Aubergines 2 medium 
Dried oregano 1-2 tsp
Crème fraîche 150g
Parmesan (or veggie alternative) 4 tbsp grated
Sultanas 2 tbsp
Pine nuts 2 tbsp
Red onion ½ small, finely chopped
Rocket a handful
Fresh vegetarian pesto a couple of spoons

Combine 1 cup (100gm) of flour, instant yeast, sugar, and salt in a large bowl. 

Add olive oil and warm water and use a wooden spoon to stir well very well. Gradually add another 1 cup (100 gm) of flour. Add any additional flour as needed stirring until the dough is forming.

The dough will still be slightly sticky but still should be manageable with your hands. Make a pizza base with the dough and place it on the pan.

Apply the pesto on the base. Add all the above-mentioned ingredients on the base.

Grate the parmesan.

Pre Heat the oven at 425 degrees F. Place the pan along with the pizza and bake it at 245 degrees for approximately 25-30 mins.

Serve hot!