The Lazy Girl's Guide to Quick and Spooky Halloween Dishes

Here are three easy spooky Halloween dishes that will get your guests hungrier than a zombie

We know Halloween is all about the costumes and decor but then the truth is it’s always food that makes a party memorable. So if you have already planned a spooky table setting, don’t forget to lay out some scary food. Here are three easy spooky Halloween dishes that will get your guests hungrier than a zombie. So bring on that apron and get started!

Riso Uovo Aala Parimgiano
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180gm Carnaroli risotto

130ml Egg shell stock

5gm Onion

5gm Garlic

5gm Thyme

Crushed pepper-to taste

Salt-to taste

10g Butter

15g Parmegiano


Heat the pan, add olive oil then add garlic and onion to cook till the onion becomes translucent.

Add risotto rice and thyme, cook till it crackles.

Add stock gradually. Repeat this process 3-4 time so that rice can release the starch properly.

Once the process is done, add butter and parmigiano.

Garnish with egg.

Halloween Garnishing- Use boiled eggs to make eyes and teeth, crispy kale for the hair and orange reduction for the blood on the face. 

Recipe by Chef Amit Kumar, Ophelia


Mini Mexican Toastada 

halloween recipes


75gm whole corn flour

4 pc tostada Base

60gm refried beans 

35gm tomato salsa

25gm sour cream

10gm coriander leaves

20gm micro green packet

Salt and pepper as per taste 


Take whole corn flour and add salt and white pepper. Mix with approx 30 ml water to make dough.

With the dough make 4 small tortilla of 2.5 inch. Fry and dry it. 

Top it with refried beans, salsa, sour cream 

Garnish with fresh coriander and Micro Greens

Recipe by Chef Anas Qureshi, Molecule Air Bar


Edible Lava Coal

halloween recipes


150gm Cottage Cheese

60gm curd

8gm Milk powder

5gm green chilli

4gm coriander fresh

Salt, yellow chilli, pepper, elaichi powder as per taste

75gm charcoal powder batter

75gm refined oil

10gm Micro green packet

2 edible flowers

50gm tomato

10gm sweet chilli sauce


Crumble the paneer, mix it with chopped coriander, chopped green chilli, cardamom powder, milk powder and salt.

With the above mixture, make 4 cylindrical shapes and stuff it with  curd, chopped raisins, chopped green chillies and coriander.

Make lava ash with dehydrated tomato, salt  and dried red chillies.

Dip this mixture in charcoal batter and fry.

Garnish with Lava ash, edible flowers and micro greens.

Recipe by Chef Anas Qureshi, Molecule Air Bar