5 Restaurants That Take You on a Culinary Trip Across India

Experience a whirl of flavours from different regions at these restaurants in Delhi-NCR




Saga: The fine dining restaurant located in Gurgaon, serves some interesting food curated by Michelin-Starred Chef Atul Kochhar, from across the country. To give diners an authentic experience, traditional cooking techniques have been used to recreate some of the dishes using both local and global ingredients. Each dish arrives packed with distinct flavours and with a story to narrate of the culture, the landscape and the people of the region it comes from. Dal Moradabadi, Himachali Sepu Vadi, Kolkata Kosha Mangsho and Garhwali Kulth Ki Kachori are a must try here. While they have been reimagined to suit global palette, they still retain their original taste. If you have a sweet tooth, the innovative desserts that include Bengali Brûlée, Agra Petha, Tipsy Pudding, and Paan Kulfi are some of the delectable options you can choose from. 



Varq: The restaurant at Delhi’s iconic Taj Mahal Hotel is known for its innovation in Indian cuisine and for blending food with art. While giving common Indian dishes a subtle, refined flavour and an elegant presentation, the restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Arun Sundararaj, has also revived a bevy of regional recipes lost over time. You can try some of the famed delicacies that were once enjoyed by Kashmiri Dogras, the kings of Travancore, the Nizams of Hyderabad and the Mewars of Rajasthan. While the menu features its signature delicacies, from time to time, Varq also offers patrons exciting new options through food festivals.



Jamavar: The fine dining restaurant at Leela Palace, Delhi, has food from all over the country: Lucknow, Punjab, Kerala,Tamil Nadu and more. So if you want to get a taste of several India regions in one meal, this is the place to be. Led by Executive Chef Surender Mohan, who has been with the hotel for 18 years, Jamavar uses authentic cooking techniques to recreate regional delicacies. Some of the most popular dishes here are Gosht ki Nihari, Daal Jamavar, Allepey Meen curry and Nizami Pudiney ki Seekh.



Jamun: This quaint eatery located in Lodhi Colony Market, makes for a pretty picture with it’s terracotta-tiled canopy brimming with bougainvillea, arched windows, knotted cane furniture and copper tableware. The menu includes dishes right from Kashmir to Kerala. While you are digging into their delicious Bharwaan Guchhi, Maharashtrian Thecha Bhindi, Annari Paneer, Daab Chingri or Chicken Xacuti, do try some of their interesting cocktails like Kokum Daiquiri or Kala Khatta with Vodka. 

Cafe Lota 

cafe lota

Cafe Lota: Now this is a deviation from the fine dining destinations mentioned above. If you aren’t looking for anything fancy, then this unassuming cafe at National Crafts Museum serves some delectable fare. From Uttarakhand’s Bhatt ki Churkani to Mini Rava Idlis Molgapodi, each regional dish has been given a thoughtful and interesting twist. The Amritsari Amaranth Machli, Bombay Keema Pao and Bhapa Doi Cheesecake are some of the hot sellers here.