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5 Important Words and Phrases That Can Save Your Relationship

Communication is the key to a healthy and successful relationship, especially when things get rough. Add these five phrases to your arsenal to help diffuse arguments, end fights and make your relationship happier and more honest. 

While we all envision our relationships to be full of rainbows and butterflies, in the end, its compromise moves us along ( thanks for the pearls of wisdom Maroon 5). If you have ever been in a long term relationship, you will know that arguments are inevitable. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, we have spent a major chunk of our time cooped up at home with our partners, leading to disagreements, crossed wires and flared tempers. At times, we tend to say things that we don't mean in the heat of the moment, which can leaded to a heated exchange of words, one can diminish all the love we share. So what do we do when things get to a breaking point, and we are struggling to understand what is keeping us with our partner, or why we chose them in the first place?

How to stop a fight in a relationship

Self-restraint and healthy communication is the key to any successful relationship. To help you through rocky times, we have put together a list of five simple phrases to keep in your arsenal. The next time you hit a rough patch or find yourself in an argument that could get ugly, we suggest you take a deep breath, put your ego on the back burner, and use one (or more) of these words or phrases. If used sincerely and often, they can help make your relationship, happier, more peaceful and a LOT more honest. 

5 Words and Phrases That Can Save Your Relationship and End an Argument 

1. "But"  

In a series of tests carried out by psychologists, it was found that those in successful relationships always acknowledged their partner's positive traits, even while bringing up grievances.

eg. "You are the most giving man I know, but I feel you are being a little selfish right now."

2. "I'm Sorry"

This should be obvious but we will spell it out again. A sincere apology can do wonders for your relationship once tempers have calmed, resolving conflict and soothing any hurt feelings or ruffled feathers. 

I am sorry gif

Eg. "I'm sorry I said a few things I didn't mean in the heat of the moment."

3. "Thank You"

Appreciating your partner can go a long way. A survey conducted by the University of Georgia found spousal gratitude to be a clear indicator of successful marriages. It also helps diffuse a fight effectively. 

Eg. "Thank you for patiently listening to my point of view. I know we don't always agree."

4. "I Was Wrong"

In a healthy relationship, you need to be able to look at things from your partner's perspective and accept the blame from time to time.

Eg. "I was wrong to get so worked up about something so trivial." or "I was wrong to raise my voice at you."

5. "I Love You"

We can't stress enough how important it is to say those three magical words to your partner, sincerely and often, especially if you find yourself in a comfortable routine. 

I love you

Eg. Look your partner in the eyes and say "I really love you and I want you to know that."