What Do the Shape of Your Eyes Reveal About Your Personality?

Deep-set eyes, round eyes, or almond-shaped ones? Know the secrets this facial feature reveals about you. 

Chinese face reading experts claim that a correlation exists between one's facial features and the various facets of their personality. One of the most prominent features—often considered to be a reflection of the mind—an individual's eyes can provide a window into their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. However, most people are unaware about the fact that the shape of one's eyes can reveal unique aspects of one's personality as well. 

Wondering whether a 3000 year-old face reading technique, derived from Chinese medicine, can divulge secrets about you? Take a look. 


1) Almond-Shaped Eyes




Almond-shaped eyes have up-swept corners, are a little wide at the middle, and join evenly at both ends taking the shape of an almond. Those who possess such an eye shape tend to be calm and cautious, and are able to tackle adverse situations. They have the ability to keep cool despite high stress and anxiety levels, and are known for their warm and kind-spirited nature. They desire leading a well-balanced, prosperous life. 


2) Wide-Set Eyes




Apart from the shape, eye distance is another factor used to predict one's personality. Those with wide-set eyes tend to showcase a care-free, adventurous outlook towards life. They are eager to try their hand at novel, challenging tasks and readily opt to participate in unusual, gripping activities. Their happiness lies in the unknown and they find it seemingly simple to adapt to change. They are often impulsive, do not resort to a routine lifestyle, and appreciate the spontaneity life has to offer.


3) Close-Set Eyes




While those with close-set eyes tend to be focused and disciplined, they don't adapt well to change or stress. They seem to be content with a routine and often worry under pressure. Their eye for detail ensure that they perform well at what they do, and their energy makes it easy for them to socialise with others. 


4) Down-turned Eyes




The slant of the eye is yet another indicator of personality. Those with eyes that stick out from the sockets, or are down-turned, tend to be loyal friendly. They are shy and dependent and rather spend most of their time with their loved ones. However, their pessimistic perspective can serve to be a hurdle problematic, if not addressed. 


5) Round-Shaped Eyes




Besides the shape and distance, the size of one's eyes can also reveal aspects of their personality. Those with round-shaped eyes are typically more creative, however, the9ir heightened imagination can lead to impractical, intrusive thoughts. On the other hand, they find it easy to draw attention to themselves and are often loved by a large group of people. 


6) Deep-Set Eyes




Those individuals whose eyes are set deep within their sockets are typically more romantic and intimate. However, there is a mystique surrounding them. They tend to open up to those who are close to them, but hide their true feelings from those that they don't know too well. While they are worrisome and pessimistic, they are friendly and sensitive as well. 


7) Upward-Slanting Eyes




Those with upward-slanting eyes are determined, driven, motivated, ambitious. However, their goal-oriented nature can get the best of them at times. They are also extroverted in nature and enjoy mingling with others. 


8) Small or Large Eyes




Those who possess small eyes tend to be pragmatic and calculated, and are thorough. They are hyper-focused, don't get easily distracted, and often come across as cold and distant. Large eyes are associated with passion and creativity, and those who have such eyes tend to be more empathetic. These people tend to pick their heart over the mind, when taking decisions.