Numerology 101: 3 Ways to Find Your Lucky Number

From figuring out your destiny to the number that will bring you the most luck, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, founder of NumroVani shares how you can calculate the number that works best for you!

Numbers are all around us. And, they can give you some clues about your life path too. 

Sidhharrth S Kumaar, founder of NumroVani says, "Numerology has been an age-old practice that has been around for thousands of years focusing on the inflow of abundance, wealth, and prosperity in our lives. This ancient art of procuring insights into one’s lives with the help of numbers was first developed in Babylon and is the oldest form of numerology."

The first kind of numerology ever known to mankind was the Chaldean numerology that dates back to the Late Bronze Age. China, Japan, India, and Egypt were some of the first countries to have developed the art of numerology and harnessed its benefits in amalgamation with astrology to help people live a more fulfilled life.

Effects of Numbers in our Lives

Sidhharrth says, "Numerology is an art that needs to be sharpened with practice to understand how the numbers in our life play a crucial life. These numbers form our identity, sometimes in the form of date of birth, Aadhaar numbers, death certificate number or even passport numbers. These numbers indicate the universe’s negative or positive energy in our lives. Hence, it is crucial to connect to numbers that help you grow, rather than those that let you down in your life endeavours."

Those who practice numerology call it the science of numbers and just like any other scientific study and research. He adds that it takes years of study to become an able numerologist. The following types of numbers define your life in two ways- the 'ahamkara' (ego) and the karmic residue which describes the psychological characteristics of an individual. It is believed that the soul decides to manifest in a body based on the birth number and name which is a very strong part of defining your life.

Sidhharrth shares how you can figure out some ways to find out your number:

How to Calculate your Lucky Number as per your Birth Date

While selecting a profession, your date of birth plays a crucial role. You must know that sometimes you see downfalls in your work life due to poor synchronization between your date of birth and profession. Also, in your personal life, your DOB reflects a lot about you.

Some of the easiest ways of calculating your core number or lucky number are with the help of birth number and destiny number. 

What is a Birth Number?

It is simple to know your birth number. It is the single-digit sum of the date part from your DOB. For instance-

·   Every person born on 1, 10, 19, and 28 will have 1 as birth number

·   2, 11, 20, 29 will have 2 as birth number

·   3,12,21,30 will have 3 as birth number

·   4, 13, 22, 31 will have 4 as birth number

What is a Destiny Number?

This is a single digit sum of the complete date of birth of the person. For instance- A person born on June 7, 2021, will have his destiny number as 7+6+2+0+2+1 = 18 (1+8) = 9

In this example case, 9 is the destiny number. Using your destiny number in all your work can prove to be extremely beneficial for you and your success.

Other Important Numbers That You Must Focus On

Name Number: In Numerology, every alphabet has been assigned a number and when taken together this gives a person's name number. A lucky name number accelerates an individual’s life towards growth and elevation leading to life successes. 

Brand Number and Name: With the help of numerology one can select a brand name or number that will only elevate the profit margins in the business with minimum downfalls. 

Wedding Dates: It is one of the most important dates in your life as it sets the course of your married life. The choice of an unlucky marriage date may mean a troublesome marriage. 

Car Number: Your vehicle numbers are crucial for your life safety and prosperity. An unfortunate choice of the wrong number may lead to the worst of situations. 

Other Important Numbers: Additional numbers that are extremely important for a happy and secure life include Mobile Number, Selection of Stocks, House Number, your lucky number and lucky date, etc.