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Hogging: A HORRIFYING Practice in Which Men Compete to Have Sex With the "Fattest" Woman Around

 American fraternities engage in a disgusting sex competition called "hogging" at bars and parties, and people are finally talking about it.  

Growing up in the nineties, American college movies were considered the epitome of cool for many young Indians thanks to cable television and the exposure to American culture that came in its wake. We got acquainted with a culture of popular girls and boys, of sororities and frat houses and of being in with the 'it' crowd. Little did we know that there was a darker side to it all, with hazing and pledging practices that were borderline sinister, and many secret, dark and horrifying traditions and competitions that took place once you were in.  

frat boys

Take 'hogging" for example, a terrifying practice that has come to light in which groups of men in fraternities compete to have sex with the "fattest" women at a bar or party. Read that again. Yes, this barbaric practice exists, and it has for nearly two decades. It even has a definition on Urban Dictionary. Read it here

If you think that this horrifying competition takes place only at obscure universities, think again. According to, it was brought to light to have happened in 2018 at Cornell. People reported a fraternity called Zeta Beta Tau for having what they called a "pig roast" where members of the house competed to sleep with women they consider overweight. 


This practice has been happening under wraps for a while now, till Megan Mapes (featured above) who goes by the handle @megsforfun spoke about it in detail in a now virak TikTok video. This is what she had to say:

'Hogging is a practice in which men typically prey on fat women, and make bets with their friends about finding the fattest and most unattractive women and having sex with her. Sometimes they will then, in the completion of having sex with her, have the entire group of men come barging in the room, and they will start oinking and harassing the women until she leaves that space."

Horrified? So were we, and so were millions of users who left comments like "new fear unlocked" and "didn't even know this was a thing, don't know what to say here", on her video. While social media might be considered a mixed bag when it comes to mental health, the one good thing it has done is bringing toxic male sexual behaviour, sadomasochism ond horrifying practices such as these to light. We hope the spread of such information will help put an end to appalling practices that happen under the ruse of "male bonding" and "fun" such as these, ones that can cause permanent mental and physical harm to the unsuspecting victims that are preyed upon by such predatory men.