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Indulge in Modern and Delicious Soul Food at the Andaz Delhi 

 Soul Pantry—a bespoke eatery at Andaz Delhi, a concept by Hyatt — has reopened its doors with a well-curated wellness menu replete with healthy, comfort food

Gone are the days in which healthy eating was associated with bland and flavourless diet meals that felt more like a punishment than a rewarding eating experience. The modern-day consumer is looking to sustain a positive lifestyle and make conscious food choices, all without compromising on flavour or taste. To cater to the needs of such discerning, well-travelled and health-conscious customers, Andaz Delhi—a concept hotel by Hyatt—has reopened the doors to its restaurant Soul Pantry. The restaurant specialises in delicious nutrition-dense flatbreads, wellness bowls, lactose-free, keto, and gluten-free meal options, as well as artisanal produce, making it the ideal destination for busy professionals looking to sustain a modern and positive lifestyle. The restaurant also serves delicious gyros, pizzas and beverages like wine and beer, along with non-alcoholic beverages like health smoothies, kombucha, and artisanal teas and coffee.


What makes Soul Pantry an unmissable dining destination is the thoughtful sourcing of native grains and seasonal ingredients that are used in all food preparations— forgotten grains and all things green that are perfect for guests looking to grab a quick and healthy bite of comfort food. Furthermore, the delectable eatery has launched a completely revamped interior as well as a new menu. In addition to its widely known flatbreads and smoothie bowls, it will also be serving a wide variety of appetising baked pies and mains along with wholesome desserts. The new menu also offers a choice of fresh, refreshing ingredients such as avocado, pineapple, beetroot, alfalfa sprouts, pumpkin seeds, celery, cucumber and watercress. 


The restaurant is being helmed by a strong all-women team led by Chef Shyantika Guha. Head over to Soul Pantry at the Andaz Delhi to experience a dining experience that celebrates the abundance of nature and sustainable, healthy eating.  Visit to know more or follow @AndazDelhi on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.