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'You' season 4: Here's everything we know so far


Netflix dropped the teaser trailer for You season 4, and wow, what a teaser it is!

In the minute-long clip, we see the return of Joe Goldberg—albeit with an entirely new identity—as well as the return of some familiar faces and the introduction of quite a few new ones. Ahead of the show's release date (more on that later!), here's everything we know about the fourth instalment of the serial killer-turned-married-dad-in-the-suburbs-before-moving-to-Europe story.


What is You season 4 about?

At the end of season 3, a cliffhanger in the final episode made it seem that You season 4 would be set in Paris. However, on April 1, the official You Instagram account dropped a BTS image that suggested Joe (Penn Badgley) would be making London his home for the new season. Now, the newly released teaser trailer confirms just that, with the introduction of Joe as Professor Jonathan Moore.


In the teaser, we also meet more than a handful of new characters as well as some returning characters, namely: Marienne. And that brings us to our next point...

Who will star in Netflix's You season 4?

Netflix has slowly been drip-feeding details about You season 4 and this includes the addition of Lukas Gage from The White Lotus as "Adam, the warm, funny, and hard-partying son of a wealthy family who is famous for failing to meet their standards. But the one thing he did learn from his parents is to do whatever it takes to get what you want."


Deadline reports Call The Midwife actor Charlotte Ritchie is also joining the cast as a "smart, independent, suspicious" art gallery director named Kate, who is suspicious and distrustful of Penn Badgley's Joe.

On 1 April, more main additions to the cast were revealed. The recently revealed cast members include EastEnders' Tilly Keeper as socialite Lady Phoebe, Tracy Beaker Returns' Amy Leigh Hickman as troubled literature student Nadia, and Downton Abbey's Ed Speleers as author Rhys.

Who is in the You season 4 supporting cast?

You producers have also let loose some seriously juicy info regarding the cast of the show and introduced a whole load of characters...

Brad Alexander plays Edward, a university student whose dad owns a powerful news outlet. According to Deadline; "Edward is popular and used to being the smartest student in the room. He has a fierce rivalry with fellow student Nadia."

Niccy Lin plays Sophie "an entrepreneur in the body of a pampered jetsetter" who is protective of her artist brother Simon, played by Aidan Cheng.

Stephen Hagan plays "drug-loving bon vivant" literature professor Malcolm, who happens to be dating Kate, and Ben Wiggins plays aristocrat Roald.

Eve Austin plays Gemma, "a member of a privileged circle of friends who met at Oxford" and Ozioma Whenu is Blessing, "a Nigerian princess with several post-graduate degrees" and a cryptocurrency investor.

Dario Coates plays Connie, a character who "attended Oxford with Kate and Phoebe’s friend group" and Sean Pertwee plays Vic "Adam’s personal driver/dealer/security."

Alison Pargeter plays paparazzi photographer Dawn and Adam James plays Elliot, who is described as "world-weary, calm, grounded, allergic to drama". Apparently; "Elliot’s employer is powerful, and Elliot always delivers, no matter how challenging the task."

Other than that, not that much is known about the fourth series although from the notes about these characters we can see that the art world and literary world of London may be explored and that academia, celebrity and privilege are strong themes. Could Joe wind up as a librarian at an elite university? Or land his first job in publishing? Only time will tell...

Some fans have previously speculated about whether Ellie (Jenna Ortega) from season two might reappear, after a specific conversation she had with Love (Victoria Pedretti) resurfaced - although this appears less likely now we know that the season is largely going to be set in London.

As a Reddit user noted, "I'm rewatching season 2 and Love tells Ellie if the film thing doesn't work out you should go to culinary school in Paris... Idk I feel like could she be there?"

Now that would be a plot twist.

In addition to the characters who have been officially announced, we could be set to see a pretty unexpected cast member joining the show - thanks to some intense fangirling between Penn Badgley and Cardi B.

Following a Twitter love affair between the pair - which saw the actor and rapper exchanging a series of gushing tweets and changing their profile pictures to each other - Penn has now addressed speculation that Cardi could land a role in You.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Penn answered questions on a possible Cardi cameo, saying, "Well, I don't know, I definitely can't say. But there is actually - I believe this is true - there's an actual petition." After being questioned further, he reiterated, "I can't say because I don't know."

The speculation follows yet another Twitter exchange from the rapper, with Netflix changing their Twitter bio to read, "Petition to get Cardi B to guest star in Season 4 of You," followed by a pitch tweet from Cardi: "So it's episode 1 and I'm at Paris Fashion week shutting it down! I turn around and there stands YOU. Ok finish it off @netflix."

Honestly, it sounds amazing - except with the newly announced filming location of London, maybe she'll have to shut it down at London Fashion Week instead...

As for whether the rest of the season 3 cast will return alongside Marienne, it's questionable whether the likes of Sherry (Shalita Grant), Cary (Travis Van Winkle), Matthew (Scott Speedman) and Theo (Dylan Arnold) will make a second appearance...unless they happen to be in Europe for some reason.

In the final episode, we saw Joe arriving in Paris in search of Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), so we're pretty sure the librarian will be back too. However, thanks to Joe's killing spree in season three, we know for sure that his latest victims Love (Victoria Pedretti) and Ryan (Michael Foster) won't be returning, unless it's in flashback form.

Is there a trailer for You season 4?

You betcha! On September 24, Netflix dropped a teaser for the upcoming series of You. Watch it in all its glory here:


On October 13, (two days before You season 3 dropped), Netflix announced on Twitter that another season was happening. "YOU Season 4 is in the [body] bag," the official account revealed, along with some clips from the story so far.


When did Netflix's You season 4 start filming?

"Feeling YOU-4-ic. YOU Season 4 is now in production," the official Twitter account wrote on March 22, revealing filming had begun on the next instalment of the story


What is Netflix's You season 4's expected release date?

Season 4 of Netflix’s You will be released in two parts. The first part will be released on February 10, and the second one will be out on March 10, exactly a month later.

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