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Don’t miss Bhediya, it is a howling success

The Varun Dhawan-starrer is just what you need to watch if you’re looking for the perfect horror-comedy.

What can you say about a horror-comedy that not only sends shivers down your spine, thanks to the outstanding background score and VFX (that looks all the more awesome in 3D) but also has a host of hilarious dialogues and the mention of several movies that still hold a very special place in your heart? 

If there ever was a way to mix action, comedy, drama, and social messages that don’t sound preachy into a film that you’ll enjoy right from the word go, and has a climax that will have you whistling, Bhediya hits the nail on the head. Bhediya had it all. 

And just like the wolf in the movie who howls after his victory, I shall scream at the top of my lungs through my words in this review, and let you all know that this is a movie that you shouldn’t miss.

One of the major reasons why you’re immersed in the world of Bhediya in a matter of seconds is its splendid cinematography. On the one hand, the werewolf world is extremely scary with the backdrop of the full moon in the sky, and on the other, the picturesque landscape of Ziro is simply awe-inspiring. The transformation scenes of a man turning into a werewolf send a shiver down your spine. And all this transpires against the gripping background score, which only adds to the spookiness.


It’s not only the technical elements in the film that stand out, but also the actors in front of the camera who play their parts to perfection. What can I say about Varun Dhawan (Bhaskar Sharma), who has poured his heart and soul into this film? It’s hard to imagine any other actor playing this role—one where he has to be terrifying one second and tickling your funny bone the other. The best part about him in Bhediya is how effortlessly he plays the role. But sadly, he isn’t my favourite character in the film. That title goes to Abhishek Banerjee who plays Janardan, aka JD. With the funniest lines in the film, he, with his impeccable comic timing, adds the perfect dose of humour to a horror film. Paali Kabak as Bhaskar’s Northeastern friend Jomin, and Deepak Dobriyal as Panda have also put up a memorable performance. 

What I loved the most about Bhediya is the mention of several movies that you fondly remember—from Jungle Book and the iconic ‘Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai’ that plays in certain scenes when Dhawan returns from the jungle just wearing a pair of boxers, to the ‘90s film Junoon that saw Rahul Roy turn into a tiger at midnight—and will see you unable to control your laughter. The one that takes the cake is a Himesh Reshammiya song playing in a car that attracts the werewolf. I still can’t forget how loud the laughs were in the theatre for this scene. And yes, also the climax scene that gives us a glimpse into a sequel that we can’t wait to watch (no spoilers here).

Lastly, the message that the film communicates (and so effectively at that) lingers on your mind long after you’ve watched it. Just like there is beauty to our personality and who we are as humans, there is also a beast, a Bhediya, if you may. Who we wish to unleash is what matters at the end of the day. There’s a line in the film that says—prakrati hai, toh pragati hai (where there is nature, there is progress). They couldn’t have put it any better.