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Who’s still together from the third season of ‘Indian Matchmaking’?

Expect drama, love, and, of course, a lot more of Sima Aunty (from Mumbai).

A matchmaker is only as good as their matches. The most prominent and popular Indian matchmaker we all know, the one who ranks at the top of the list is Sima Taparia from the Netflix show, Indian Matchmaking. The third season of the much-talked-about show dropped last week and we couldn’t help but wonder how the lovebirds set up by Taparia are doing.

Are they still together or have they parted ways? Let’s find out. 

Priya and Vimal


First up is Priya, chef and clinical chemist from London, from season 2. Just like the many singles on the show, she, too, hoped Sima Aunty would work her magic and set her up with her happily ever after, post a divorce she went through. While it was a bumpy start with a few unsuccessful matches, her luck changed for the better when she met Vimal ‘Vim’ Kansara. With the two bonding over their mutual love for all things cooking and travelling in season 2, one was certainly rooting for the pair. She even introduced him to her friends. And if you are wondering if the two are together, they are not. The two follow each other on social media, but there is no interaction between them. They are also shown speaking to and meeting other people on the show, which, we think, are tell-tale signs of them not being together than their attempt to keep it private.

Arti and Jamal


We will spill the beans right away: yes, this adorable couple is very much together. However, it wasn’t Sima Aunty, but a dating app that got them together. After a few dates that didn’t work out, Miami-based Arti went on dating apps and found Jamal, and the two hit it off right from the word go. They got closer with each passing day, and Jamal went on to propose Arti. We would absolutely love to see them tying the knot.

Viral and Aashay


After rejecting two of Taparia’s matches, Viral, a pharmaceutical developer from North Carolina, met Aashay in the second season. That said, Sima Aunty found her the ‘perfect guy’, and it didn’t take Viral and Aashay to say I love to each other pretty early in the relationship. The two show us how to make a long-distance relationship work as Viral balances her time between her home and New York to spend quality time with him. The two take the relationship to the next level, and Viral travels with her beau to India to meet his parents and receive an expensive bracelet from the man of her dreams.

Shital and Niraj


Here’s another couple from season 2 whose relationship seems to get stronger with every passing day. In the third season, we see the two post cute snaps and videos of them together, showing romance and love is very much in the air. The two also move in at Niraj’s home in Miami. They certainly found their home in and with each other.