5 Expert-Approved Ways to Transform a Dull Corner

Liven up the boring space without spending a penny

21 May, 2020
5 Expert-Approved Ways to Transform a Dull Corner

At a time when staying at home has become the new norm, we wouldn’t be surprised if you spend most of your time staring at blank and dull corners. These corners are the most under used or neglected spaces that can in fact easily be turned into gorgeous spaces for intimate conversations, reading sessions or a home for your travel collectibles. Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, principal designers and co-founders of Mumbai-based Quirk Studio, feel If you have a balcony, study or even a small nook with a window, then you owe it to yourself to make the most of it. “Especially during times when everyone can do with some fresh air, this could mean doing more than putting out a deck chair and calling it a day,” says Bhavsar. 
Every home has plenty of design potential to become a space that is a unique blend of vibrancy, aesthetics and functionality. “All you need is a bunch of plants, a dhurrie, throw cushions, nesting table, some lanterns and your space is ready for a morning cuppa chai, a fun round of your favourite board game, or even a romantic candle-lit evening while enjoying a glass of wine with your loved one,” says Ajmera. 

Here are 5 tips by Bhavsar and Ajmera to enliven a dull space within your home 


1) Re-Arrange your furniture

An easy way to spruce up a corner space in a room is to place an accent piece of furniture. This could either be a table, a trolley, a couch or even a rocking chair. This could not only give the space the much-needed highlight, but also make the corner useful for relaxing or reading, depending upon what you have placed in the empty space.

2) Add plants to your space

Adding green is one of the most effective ways of adding life to a space. It is simple, cost-effective and most importantly, environment-friendly. It brightens the mood and presents itself as a design element that you can add anywhere, from the kitchen to the living room. 


3) Use cushions and rugs

Sometimes, spaces just need something evocative to create a visually cohesive experience. Once a focal point is established, it becomes easier to create a proper design scheme for the entire room. Thanks to their size, aesthetic and variety, rugs work very well as the foundation for a room’s design as well as a focal point, while adding warmth and a sense of personality to the space.

4) Give your space a personal touch

The key to enlivening a space is to add your own personal touch to it. Add the items that you enjoy having around, such as scented candles, artworks, talismans or other décor items collected during travels.


5) Declutter the zone

Decluttering the space is important, as when you add too many elements, it can often result in a crowded visual. It is important to understand that the best spaces aren’t just easy on the eye, but are also designed to enhance the sensory experiences.