5 fancy-schmancy candles that look as good as they smell

Bet you'll have a hard time picking a fav

By Sarah Khalkho
28 September, 2022
5 fancy-schmancy candles that look as good as they smell

We don’t know about you, but to us, lighting up a candle after a particularly stressful day feels rather cathartic. For some unknown reason, the simple act of lighting up a match and then having the entire room filled with the aroma (of your choice) just feels so damn soothing. And if the candle in question looks straight up fire, who are we to rob ourselves of the small pleasures of life, even if they (sometimes) come with quite a hefty price tag?

Add these beauties to your cart, like right now, and thank us later. 

Photo: Lladro candle

Lladro – Lynx Luxurious Redwood Fire Scented Candle 

These scream luxury, for real—the teal candle holder has been etched by hand and has a gold-painted lion embellished on it. The made-in-Spain Lladro candle houses 500 grams of natural wax and comes with two wicks. We think it would make a great statement piece for your centre table and a great conversation starter for your next house party. 

It can be yours for: ₹41,000

La Lumiere

La Lumiere – XXL Bubble 

Bubble candles have been all over the internet and here’s your cue to get one of your own. The vegan candle by La Lumiere is made using soy wax, which means it burns cleaner and produces less soot than paraffin variants. Yay, environment! Pick the scent depending on the vibe you want to go for—coconut-vanilla sounds like a good option if you’re still thinking about your beach trip, and if you have a date night lined up, the combo of musk and amber smells downright wicked. 

It can be yours for: ₹3,000

Photo: Gado Living

Gado Living – Spiced Cedar and Musk

What if your candle came with a specially curated Spotify playlist that matches the mood of the scent? Well, Gado Living answers that question for you. Their spiced cedar and musk number—which BTW looks amazing with its pink ombre look—combines the earthy tones of patchouli, amber and musk for a scent that’s full of old-world charm. Plus, the matte-finish ceramic container can be reused later as organisers or as herb pots!

It can be yours for: ₹2,300

Photo: Good Earth candle

Good Earth – Fergana Candle

If you’re a nature gal, then this candle by Good Earth is calling your name. Inspired by the Fergana Valley, the birthplace of Babur, the candles have a refreshing Neroli fragrance that will add life to any room. The pastel-hued glass holder has an intricate decal that is made with food-safe colours, so you can re-purpose it to serve snacks at your next get-together (or just use it as a pen-holder at your work desk). 

It can be yours for: ₹3,200

Photo: Seva India

Seva Home – Capri Candle (Aqua)

A whiff of this candle from Seva Home will transport you straight to the beach, TBH. With notes of peppermint, geranium, and cedarwood, the candle brings all the vibes of the sea right to your apartment. And with its striking blue marble container, it wins points in the looks department too. We approve!

It can be yours for: ₹8,000