6 Ways to Create an Eco-friendly Work Space at Home

Working from home? Here’s how to turn your work station into an inviting green space.

29 July, 2020
6 Ways to Create an Eco-friendly Work Space at Home

When the pandemic began and we were asked to work from home, we thought this was a stop gap arrangement and began setting up makeshift office at home. But it’s been few months now and it doesn’t seem like the situation would improve anytime soon. We may end up working longer from home than we initially thought. So to make this new normal pleasant, why not turn the workspace into an eco-friendly one that peps your mood, energises you and also helps you do your bit for the environment? We spoke to Anika Mittal Dhawan, founder and director, Mold Design Studio and Meena Murthy Kakkar, design head and partner, Envisage to give us tips to create a green work space at home.

1. Style the work area with plants
Green spaces create an energised work environment. Creating a connect with nature helps you stay motivated and keeps the creative juices flowing. Ankita Mittal Dhawan suggests you add plants to your workspace. “Plants add character to a space. Put small indoor plants on the shelves or one oversized palm in the corner, near the desk to bring in some calmness. Some indoor plants like spider plant, snake plant, peace lily, aloe-vera, Acrea plam and bamboo also act as air-purifiers and enhance air quality of the space. 

2. Bring in natural light
Optimising sunlight is the best way to conserve energy. So set up your work space near a window, where you get ample natural light. Place your desk in a place where there is plenty of light (but not in direct sun-light). “The light should ideally light up your face for a video call or should stream in from the opposite direction of your writing hand,” says Meena Murthy Kakkar.

eco friendly work space

3. Pick the right furniture and accessories
Meena says, “Make the desk a DIY project; recycle an old table by giving it a distressed paint finish in a bright colour and it will be good as new.” You can also add accessories in natural materials such as terracotta and bamboo. 

4. Invest in comfortable chair that’s also recyclable. 

Choose the chair in a recyclable material like cane or bamboo. “Try and ensure the chair is either absorbent or allows the rear to stay ventilated. For example mesh or cane chairs can do that,” says Meena. If you are getting upholstered wooden chairs, opt for upholstery in fabrics organic. 

5. Conserve electricity

Switch from regular bulbs to LED bulbs which last longer and save energy. 

green stationary

6. Use greener stationary 

Writing boards are better than notebooks to scribble on as they can be reused. So get them instead of notebooks. And if you have to use paper then use the ones made from recyclable material. Also on your shelves, make space for for one-sided re-usable sheets of paper to reduce wastage, suggests Meena.