8 adorable signs you’ve reached ultimate relationship comfort zone

Your partner feels like home to you.

03 December, 2023
8 adorable signs you’ve reached ultimate relationship comfort zone

The honeymoon phase of a relationship is undoubtedly the best and holds a special place in our heart, but there’s an unexplainable joy in reaching that profound level of comfort with your partner. The sheer bliss of being your true self around the person you love is the most content feeling and indicates that you two are not just lovers but are each other’s best friends. 

You realise you both have become too comfortable with each other, and it’s a good thing. This level of familiarity becomes a testament to the depth of your bond which often becomes apparent in certain nuanced actions, subtle gestures, and simple activities. While some may perceive this as a problem by calling it “loss of romance” in the relationship, being “too comfortable” with each other is, in fact, a very beautiful feeling. Here’s a look into some adorable signs that unmistakably indicate you’ve reached the stage of comfort in your relationship.

You dress freely in front of each other

One of the most significant signs of knowing that you’ve reached the level of comfort with your partner is that you start dressing freely when you meet them. You no longer stress yourself out over the perfect date night outfit; instead, you wear what you find comfortable, without fearing judgment. They probably would have seen you in all your avatars, which is an assurance that they will find you pretty even in the oversized t-shirt and shorts. This comfort in shared vulnerability contributes to strengthening your connection.

Watching movies in PJs is your idea of a date

If the memory of the last ‘proper date’ night is in the distant past, it highlights that the grand gestures are now replaced with laid-back evenings. You both enjoy each other’s company even in a simple set up and there’s no need for lavish displays anymore. Now all you and your partner want to do is wrap yourselves in a blanket and snuggle on the couch while watching Netflix in your favourite PJs. This shift is a telltale sign of the comfort that you two have reached with each other. 

You know all of each other’s stories 

Over a period of time, you’ve not only heard all of each other’s stories and jokes but practically have memorised them. When you laugh your heart out at each other’s embarrassing moments for the hundredth time, it’s a sign that you two definitely belong together.

You know each other’s orders by heart

After years of being together, every couple has that one eating place that they trust blindly for a guaranteed delicious meal. It becomes such a routine that you don’t even have to discuss before ordering, you just know each other’s orders by heart. This is not confined to just this spot, it’s a pattern for most places you visit; you can kind of predict what your partner will order based on their likings and preferences. When this level of understanding enters the relationship, it’s a sign that you’ve reached a comfort level.

Roasting each other is your love language 

When you realise, you and your partner have gone beyond the mere words of affirmation and are now roasting each other every now and then, you are in a very comfortable space with each other. The bittersweet lines that you toss back and forth at each other without taking any offence are truly a testament to the ease and understanding of your bond. You two are so unbothered by this playful banter that you sometimes even appreciate each other’s good roasts and witty comebacks.

You wear each other’s clothes

You go from dressing casually with each other to raiding each other’s closets. The exchange of clothes becomes a norm. If you like a piece of clothing from each other’s wardrobe, you simply borrow it from them. Sometimes you just take it and wear it without even bothering to ask them, and remarkably, they’re absolutely cool about it. This “sharing is caring” approach is an indicator of ease and comfort in your relationship.

You two aren’t shy to show your quirks

In the initial days of the relationship, it’s very natural to be hesitant to reveal your quirks to each other. You fear being judged for your obsession with superheroes or your Encyclopediac knowledge of a TV series. However, with time you reach a stage where you both are unapologetic about flaunting your obsessions. Now, you not only openly display your quirks to each other but also discover a mutual obsession that makes the bond stronger.

You two speak an incomprehensible language 

When you are in a long-term relationship, it’s quite common for you two to call each other with weird nicknames. But you know you’ve reached the peak of comfort when you two speak in an incomprehensible language that only you understand. You and your partner have developed a new language based on your internal jokes, secret codes, and silent gestures that only you two know. Having such an exclusive way of communication in the relationship is pretty cool. However, be cautious around other people, there’s a chance that their puzzled looks might turn into judgmental glances.

All in all...

Being able to experience genuine comfort around your partner is a beautiful feeling indeed, however, try not to take it for granted. It is a common mistake that people often make and then complain they didn’t see how their relationship fizzled away. While enjoying this ease and comfort in the relationship, it’s equally important to sprinkle your connection with occasional proper dates and revisit all the activities you and your partner used to do at the beginning of your relationship.