Before you get into a half-night stand, consider these things

Seeing you tonight, it’s a bad idea, right?

Before you get into a half-night stand, consider these things

Let’s keep it real, shall we? We’ve all considered a one-night stand at some point in life. Or maybe just a half-night stand. After all, it’s just some harmless fun, right? And through the fun, it’s important to remember a few things. Because let’s face it, things can go downhill even before you say “awkward.”

So, before you dive into the half-night stand adventure, here’s a list of things to help you keep things in check.

Remember, no condoms means no sex 

If you find yourself in a half-night stand situation, always remember to use a condom, no matter how caught up you may be in the moment or how strong they claim their pull-out game is. This way, you can avoid the risk of catching any STIs. So, repeat after us: no condoms means no sex. It is completely out of the question.

Let your friends where you are 

If you’re having a half-night stand, chances are you’re meeting this person for the very first time. So, for the sake of your safety, keep at least one of your friends updated about your whereabouts. This allows them to be on standby in case something goes wrong and you need to make an emergency exit.

Be mindful of the place you are heading to

While having fun is important, being safe is crucial too. Whether it is the person’s home or another place, be mindful of the location. Make sure it’s not in some eerie spot, where you can barely see any other people. At least until you are sure you are safe, stay alert and on your feet.

Check-in with your emotional state 

Sometimes, even heartbreak can lead us to the doorstep of a ‘no strings attached’ relationship. So, before you give in, check in on your emotional well-being and understand why you’re doing this. Is it purely for fun, or are you trying to fill in some void? Because if it’s the latter reason, you might end up spiralling even more and end up in a bad place.

Don’t do it when you are drunk 

One of the worst ideas in the history of ideas is hooking up with random strangers when you are drunk. Take it from us, you don’t want to experience the feeling that follows afterwards. But mostly, hooking up with someone you don’t know is a bad idea because you aren’t fully conscious to make a decision. You are under the influence of a substance. Meaning that while drunk, you might not be in the best state to make any rational decisions. So best to try and avoid this.

Have regular check-ups with your gynaecologist 

You must take care of your sexual well-being and having a monthly check-up with your gynaecologist is crucial to make sure everything is okay. This can also reduce the risk of catching any STIs and lessen your anxiety about the same.

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