What to do if you're dating a mama's boy

Don't go running for the exit door, just yet!

What to do if you're dating a mama's boy

Navigating romantic relationships is tough enough as it is. Add a mama’s boy to the mix, and you’re stuck in an exhausting cycle of events. Now the thing about dating a mama’s boy is that you never really know you’re dating one until it’s too late. It’s all fun and games at first—almost like the perfect relationship—until you realise that your man can’t even iron his own shirt, boil eggs, or make his own decisions. It’s his mother who’s been doing that (and almost everything else) for him. Always!

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help, even if it is from your parents. But when it gets to the point where you’re completely dependent on a person, even for your basic needs and individual decisions, that’s where the problem begins. Eventually, it can start to ruin your relationship and take a toll on your mental health too. 

So, how do you draw boundaries? And how do you know if it’s time to stop dating a mama’s boy? Read on to find out. 

You have to learn to say no 

The problem with a mama’s boy is that more often than not, they aren’t used to doing things themselves. They have someone to cook for them, clean their room, pick their outfits, and occasionally make decisions for them. Naturally, the fact that these things are not their responsibility becomes ingrained in their system. So when they finally get a girlfriend, they expect her to do these things for them. As the girlfriend, you have to draw solid boundaries and learn how to say no. It’s the only way they can learn that there’s another way to live.

Remember to prioritise your needs before theirs 

When dating a mama’s boy, your needs may likely take a backseat. Their focus tends to revolve around fulfilling their own demands, leaving little room for any consideration of your desires. Therefore, you need to be proactive and prioritise your own wants and needs throughout the course of the relationship.

Space is important 

Remember to never compromise on your time and personal space. A mama’s boy may want you around them all the time not realising that you may too need your own personal time and space. Thus, you have to take it upon yourself and make it a point to take some time off for yourself and focus on other things in your life like your friends, passions, and endeavours.   

Have an open conversion 

Sometimes, mama’s boys aren’t aware that they fit the description. If you suspect this might be the case with your partner, consider having an open conversation with them. Explain how their behaviour could impact both the relationship and your individual lives and personalities. If you’re willing, give them the time and space to get their act together and observe if there are any significant changes at all.

If you feel disrespected, leave 

When you’re dating a mama’s boy, they’re likely to prioritise their mother’s opinions over yours. This not only raises a red flag but is also disrespectful to you as an individual. Furthermore, if you feel like they’re consistently disregarding your boundaries and emotionally draining you, it might be time to consider exiting the relationship.

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