Sex horoscope for the week—here's how mercury retrograde will impact your sex life!

Listen to the past but hold on to your present!

22 August, 2023
Sex horoscope for the week—here's how mercury retrograde will impact your sex life!

While the weather is all cosy and pleasant, and you want to canoodle your heart out with boo, the universe is all up to make things a little more interesting. Mercury retrograde is here and it brings the past to the forefront, almost habitually. So tread carefully. You may have to pay attention to your past traumas or simply dodge a toxic ex! 

Wondering how the mercury retrograde will impact your sex life this week? Tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani lays it out for you!


Hey there, fiery Aries! Mercury's decided it's time for a retrograde tango—because who doesn't love a good dance with their past traumas, right? Say goodbye to those toxic love fantasies that were about as real as a unicorn riding a rainbow. And those delusions? Well, it's time to give them the boot like a bouncer at a cosmic club. So go on, embrace those drama-free vibes like you're auditioning for a role in a soap opera. And while you're at it, why not take your sexual self for a spin? It's like a cosmic rollercoaster for your emotions, with a pit stop for a spiritual snack.


Mercury's going retrograde, and it's practically begging you to rekindle the flames with an old crush. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I mean, who needs instant gratification when you can milk the drama like a suspenseful TV show? And let's not forget the cosmic connections with those tantalizing sex toys—because nothing says "out of this world" like a good old cosmic playdate. So go ahead, ignite that spiritual fire—just make sure to keep a fire extinguisher nearby.


Hello there, flirty Gemini! Mercury retrograde is here, and it's shaking up your impromptu sexual escapades like a cosmic martini. Casual, no-strings fun? Well, that's just a plot twist nobody saw coming. Unleash those wild and sexy vibes like you're auditioning for a role in a saucy romance novel. And if you're in a relationship, get ready for fiery fights that could rival a celebrity Twitter feud. Cosmic connections are on the menu, along with a side of sarcasm and a sprinkle of cosmic glitter.


Greetings, oh-so-intuitive Cancer! Guess what? During this Mercury retrograde, you're rekindling old connections like a cosmic matchmaker. Ignite the passion with a hot lover? It's practically written in the stars – or at least in your horoscope. Dive into the depths of both spiritual and sensual experiences, as if you're exploring a treasure chest of emotions. Reconnect like never before, because who needs GPS when you've got cosmic coordinates?


Roar, Leo, roar! Mercury's spinning backward, and it's like a cosmic fan blowing sparks all over your love life. Passion's heating up faster than a microwave dinner, and old flames are popping up like they've been waiting backstage for their grand entrance. Patience, my friend, patience—dealing with old flames is like handling delicate explosives. Break free from those old patterns like a rebellious teenager, and get ready for a show that's as dramatic as a reality TV finale. Love and cosmic vibes are your co-stars in this celestial rom-com.


Hey there, meticulous Virgo! Mercury's riding the retro wave, and it's like a cosmic rollercoaster for your emotions. Craving closeness? Well, aren't you the affectionate explorer of the zodiac? Seek out those sizzling connections like a detective hunting for clues. Dive into new realms of intimacy like you're taking a deep-sea dive with a cosmic snorkel. And don't forget to shed those inhibitions—they're so last season. Cosmic vibes are lighting up your path, like a neon sign pointing to a steamy encounter. Time to embrace exploration like a fearless astronaut of love.


Listen up, Libra, because Mercury's playing matchmaker with a twist! Take a mystery-filled drive date through the cosmic countryside, and don't be surprised if you stumble upon stolen kisses and heated moments. Staycation? More like "stay-carnal"—it's practically a synonym for sexy shenanigans. And guess what? Old flames are making a comeback like a retro fashion trend. Sexy escapades on scenic routes? Your love life is practically the scenic route to passion town.


Oh, Scorpio, the cosmic twist is real! Dance like nobody's watching, even if you're dancing with strangers because you might just end up with a sizzling makeout session. And that intrigued co-worker? They're eyeing you like you're the office snack machine. As for those old ghosts making a comeback, well, it's like a sequel nobody asked for but everyone secretly wants. Get ready for a tantalizing blend of mystery and thrilling connections that are practically scripted by the universe's best screenwriter.


Get your spotlight ready, Sagittarius, because during this Mercury retrograde, you're the star of the show! Your charm is practically a cosmic magnet, attracting admirers like moths to a flame—and those hookup invites? They're falling from the sky like confetti at a cosmic party. Lovemaking's soaring to new heights, powered by a cosmic connection that's stronger than a superhero's biceps. Pampering vibes are off the charts, and those extravagant dates? Well, you're practically auditioning for a role in a rom-com with a side of spirituality that's deeper than a yoga guru's wisdom.


Hey there, Capricorn! Mercury's decided to spice up your phone game, turning your conversations into a cosmic flirt-fest. Unravel mysteries with the finesse of a detective in a crime thriller. Sexting? Your words are like a potion of cosmic charm, brewed in the cauldron of communication. Dive into dirty talk with a twist, as if you're reciting Shakespeare with a sultry smirk. Keep those connections sizzling hotter than a summer BBQ, and don't be surprised if your phone overheats from all the cosmic chemistry.


Aquarius, brace yourself for a cosmic whirlwind of emotions—it's like the universe decided to host a rollercoaster party just for you. Bedroom magic? Check. Soulful connections? Double check. Rekindling old flames with a cosmic twist? It's like a rom-com plotline that's both unexpected and entertaining. Dive into those emotional depths like you're searching for the lost city of Atlantis, and get ready for an electrifying experience that's as shocking as a cosmic light show.


Hold onto your fins, Pisces, because Mercury's rewinding your desires like a cosmic DJ playing your favourite song on repeat. Embrace the wild side? Oh, you wild thing, you! Navigate anxious attachments with the finesse of an emotional acrobat. Dive into the realms of sensory play and explore desires that are practically as mysterious as a hidden treasure map. Unleash your passions like a symphony of desire, as if you're starring in a steamy romance novel that's been sprinkled with cosmic stardust.