Sex horoscope for the week—may your sex life be hotter than October!

Find out what the cards have in store for your sex life!

18 October, 2023
Sex horoscope for the week—may your sex life be hotter than October!

The festive season is here, and relationships are going through a crucial phase as they say the holiday szn can make or break your connection. Many singles also tend to find love in this part of the year. While we focus on this week, let's see how your sex life will be. Will you embrace spontaneity and your wildest fantasies this week? Or will you have an uneventful sex life? 

Jigyasa Chandani, tarot reader, shares the sex horoscope of the week for all 12 zodiac signs.


Your fiery nature is burning brighter than ever this week, Aries. Embrace spontaneity in the bedroom—surprise your partner with unexpected moves and positions. Spice up the sesh with a playful strip tease or a game of seductive truth or dare.


Taurus, you're in for a week of indulgence, so bring out the scented candles and silk sheets. Let the build up to the moment be sensual and teasing; you can maybe try slow, sensual massages that will heighten the passion. Share your fantasies with your partner for deeper intimacy.


Curious Gemini, it’s time to explore new horizons in bed. Experiment with role-play or introduce a sexy element of surprise. Your quick wit can make dirty talk an enticing game.


Your nurturing nature shines in the bedroom. Focus on creating a deep, emotional connection with your partner. Don't be afraid to express your desires; it's the key to a passionate week. You can start by creating a romantic ambience with soft music and rose petals. 


Leos, it's time to take centre stage in your sex life. Dress up and flaunt your confidence in the bedroom. Show off your moves, but don't forget to shower your partner with affection and cuddles—it's a turn-on!


Precision is your ally this week, Virgo. Pay attention to detail in the bedroom, ensuring every touch is perfect. Try some erotic literature to get the creative juices flowing.


Your charisma is your best asset this week. Create a sensual atmosphere with soft lighting and fine wine. Explore new positions and show off your dirty-talking skills to keep the spark alive.


Your magnetism is irresistible. Dive deep into fantasies and indulge in role plays. Remember, trust and openness are your true aphrodisiacs this week.


It's time to try something new in the bedroom; explore your fantasies with your partner and let your wild side out. Play out your wildest fantasies IRL, and get ready to experience the big Os.


Capricorn, your disciplined nature applies to your sex life, too. Schedule intimate moments with your partner to ensure you stay connected and keep the spark alive. Incorporate new elements like body oil massages for turning up the heat.


This week, experiment in the bedroom to keep things interesting. Share fantasies through sexting and video calls to build up to the moment. This will create an air of mystery and passion and you will enjoy the best sex ever.


Pisces, your dreamy nature takes centre stage this week. Create a fantasy world for you and your partner, exploring the depths of your desires. Use soft fabrics and role-play to keep the magic alive.