Sex horoscope for the weekend—look forward to intense emotions and passionate sex

It's an overwhelming time!

Sex horoscope for the weekend—look forward to intense emotions and passionate sex

During the eclipse that happened on May 5, and amidst the ongoing Mercury retrograde phase, prepare for heightened emotions. These celestial events may bring unexpected changes to your sex life, and there's a possibility that you might reconnect with an estranged ex.

Read your sex horoscope by tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani.


I see a lot of ups and downs and emotional upheavals ahead, so it's important to make your decisions cautiously. While you may feel a strong desire, be mindful of texting the wrong ex for any encounters. Impulsive actions may lead to mood swings and regrets the next day.


Taurus, you seem to be in a hermit mode, preferring solitude over entertaining others. Though you desire some intimacy, you're more inclined to stay indoors, enjoying Netflix without any additional activities.


This Mercury retrograde has been particularly tough for you as a Mercury-ruled sign. Additionally, the eclipse on May 5 may intensify your emotions and make you miss your ex. However, there's a chance for reconnection and the opportunity to revive an old flame.


You may experience conflicts with your partner this weekend, but these can lead to passionate makeup moments. You might even indulge in an impulsive shopping spree, purchasing sexy lingerie to impress your significant other.


Leo, you're feeling empowered and ready to take impulsive actions. You exude confidence and attract those you desire, resulting in passionate encounters that will last until sunrise. The eclipse will positively impact your sex life.


The eclipse brings exciting prospects for you. You might experience a heartfelt confession or a grand gesture from your partner, followed by a night filled with sexy surprises, including some s&m elements. Get ready for a steamy treat.


You'll be swiping left and right, but eventually, you'll come across someone interesting who will captivate your mind and indulge in some intimate activities. Keep in mind that this connection will likely have a casual vibe, so avoid getting too attached.


You're ready to explore new encounters, but your standards remain high, and that's a good thing. This weekend, you can make memorable experiences with attractive strangers who can satisfy your desires. However, be mindful of your alcohol intake to avoid any unwanted drama.


Your love life may have been chaotic due to unfavourable planetary alignments. However, your partner or a situationship might surprise you with an important question, leading to an incredibly satisfying intimate experience.


You have numerous options available, making it difficult to choose. Follow your intuition and seek a partner who can provide you with an unforgettable experience. Allow yourself to go with the flow and enjoy steamy moments.


You're embarking on a journey of self-discovery, which may include exploring different realms of pleasure. This weekend, you may find yourself with multiple lovers at your disposal. Whether you choose individual encounters or explore threesomes, the choice is yours.


Guard your heart against potential heartbreak, and instead, focus on having fun and keeping an open mind. Remember that not everything has to be about your long-term goals. Prioritise your pleasure and swipe right for someone who can provide it.