Sex positions that will jolt you out of bedroom boredom

It's always good to switch things up.

30 December, 2023
Sex positions that will jolt you out of bedroom boredom

When we think of sex positions, only a few come to mind. And they are usually the ones we do over and over again—doggystyle, cowgirl, and spooning; maybe legs on the shoulders on the days you’re feeling fancy. But usually, when you’re having sex with the same person, you often tend to get into a rut. It’s the same foreplay followed by some oral that finally culminates into one of three positions that you’ll have mastered; it’s like muscle memory. Don’t get us wrong though, there is nothing wrong with predictable sex. You can have some amazing sex even if you know exactly what move your partner is going to make next but after a point, it can get slightly boring. 

When you’re in a relationship for the long haul, three positions might not be enough to keep the spark intact. But they feel safe and you know it’s going to end in a desired result which is why you keep going back. However, to break out of this rut, you have to indulge in experimentation by switching things up and trying positions and props that might seem different or even scary. 

We’ve listed a few underrated positions that are perfect for when you want to break free from your routine! 


When it comes to underrated sex positions, missionary is at the top of the list. Sure, it’s one of the classics, but a lot of people write it off as vanilla or a position for rookies. Mostly because no one thinks of it when they're picturing a wild night between the sheets. However, if you’re trying to get out of a sex rut or trying to reignite your spark, missionary might be the best position to start with. You see, while doing the missionary, you get intimacy in the form of eye contact, you can let your hands move around freely, including touching yourself occasionally, and it doesn’t feel like a full-body workout!

The beauty of the missionary position is that it can be quite flexible. You can try and modify the position with the Coital Alignment Technique wherein you get into a missionary position and the penetrating partner positions themselves slightly higher up than usual (ideally, their chest should align with your shoulders). Then, they enter you with only the tip of the penis or toy. As they start moving with a back-and-forth rocking motion, the tip of the shaft rubs against your clitoris. Double trouble? Yes! 


In theory, the lotus is as intimate as sex positions can get. Basically, your partner sits cross-legged while you straddle them and lower yourself onto their penis and intertwine your legs around them; this one involves more of a grinding motion rather than thrusting. Sounds super steamy, right? But it is still extremely underrated because, unlike most positions that are considered hot, there isn’t a lot of movement when you do lotus. But that doesn’t make it any less exciting. In fact, louts allow for much deeper penetration, sexual intimacy and it’s a nice break from all the pumping and thrusting. Everyone needs that sometimes. 

Chair cowgirl

If you’re trying to get out of a sex rut, one of the best ways to do that is to switch positions and locations (within enclosed private spaces, of course) and throw some props into the mix. That is where sex on a chair comes in. It’s a great way to try something new without getting too crazy. All you have to do is find a chair without arms, have your partner sit on it, then lower yourself onto them and then let your inner cowgirl out. You can use the back of the chair for leverage to grind and bounce.

Standing ovation   

The main reason why the standing ovation is so underrated is that most people dismiss it right away as one of the most tedious positions to get into and hold onto. Sure, it’s not the easiest position on the list but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see how hot and passionate it is. To do it right, brace against a wall, and spread your legs (lift one if you need to) while your partner enters from behind. Once you’re fully supported and you get it right, it’s worth the extra effort. Practice makes perfect, right? 

Reverse Cowgirl   

Are you supposed to look at your partner’s feet? The wall? Should you thrust up and down or back and forth? These are some questions that one is prone to have as they perform the reverse cowgirl. This severely underrated position might be an acquired taste. We get it, it’s not for everyone. But don’t write it off because the logistics don’t match. The answer to all your queries lies in some experimentation with angles and movements. For instance, you could lean forward to consistently hit the G-spot or even use a vibrator. Remember, this position is all about you. You're the one calling all the shots. Once you get it, the reverse cowgirl is brilliant for some toe-curling G-spot orgasms!