Sex Queen Says: Your most pressing questions about period sex and situationships answered

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30 July, 2023
Sex Queen Says: Your most pressing questions about period sex and situationships answered

When faced with important questions, we often hesitate to seek advice from friends, especially those who are judgmental or not great at giving helpful feedback due to their biases. Some friends may be confident, but their advice may not always be reliable, making us doubt their decision-making skills. In this pursuit of guidance and relatable advice, Cosmopolitan India's Sex Queen serves as a remarkable source of support and wisdom. 

Cosmopolitan India's Sex Queen offers a valuable platform for seeking advice on love, relationships, and intimacy. With empathy and inclusivity, she provides thoughtful responses to burning questions, helping readers navigate personal dilemmas.

Our column, Sex Queen Says, encourages self-love, growth, and sexual empowerment while fostering a sense of belonging through shared experiences. In this one, we explore our readers’ concerns about period sex, casual sex and situationships. Read on…

"Will I get pregnant if I have sex during my period?"

Given the fact that period blood is not a spermicide, you are capable of getting pregnant if you have unprotected sex during your menstruation. You won’t be at your fertile best since those aren’t the days you’ll ovulate but there are chances of a pregnancy. So, stick to using your preferred method of contraception and make it bloody fun, without worrying about an unplanned pregnancy.

"I don’t want a relationship but I crave sexual intimacy. However, hook-ups make me feel bad later on. What should I do?"

Relationships require a lot of work and more than anything, you should be in a phase in your life where you can be a good partner as well. Craving sexual intimacy is okay because we have the need for physical affection and pleasure. Having an active sex life is amazing for your physical and mental health, and keeps you in a happy mood! But just because you’re not ready for a relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to this happy-hormones-releasing activity! If hook-ups feel bad, chances are you are influenced by the conditioning that sexual pleasure without the justification of love is bad. That or you have been hooking up with people who don’t treat you with respect. 

You should be able to opt for sexual intimacy without feeling bad about things. And for that, you will have to work on the reasons casual sex is making you feel unhappy. Read more sex-positive content and involve yourself with people who have a healthy perspective of sex. Once you’re over the stigma, you will be okay.

Till then, invest in a great vibrator and continue working on yourself. And make sure, when you do have casual sex, it’s with someone who treats you well. You can also date casually, so you do have a good connection with the person without getting into a serious relationship.

"I am in a situationship with a guy but I am afraid I am getting attached. The sex is too good but I don’t want to get hurt later on. How can I stay detached?"

At this point, everyone knows that situationships are risky for your heart because let’s face it, it became a situationship in the first place because you suck at keeping things purely casual. You are a person who gets attached and as the situationship progresses, you start feeling even more involved. Let me break it to you—the attachment is already there. The sex is good but is it good enough for you to embrace a short period of emotional hurt post the breakup (it’s inevitable, isn’t it?) Well, maybe it is. Maybe you are someone who is able to access tools to recover from a breakup in a healthy manner. In that case, just enjoy the present and know that you will be hurting once it’s over.

If it scares you, take a step back and cut out all the relationship-y stuff such as meeting regularly, sharing your feelings, cuddling post-sex or just melting in their arms when you hug! 

PS: We do not offer medical advice and it shouldn't be treated like one. 

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