This Ahmedabad restaurant will let you take Instagrammable pictures and promises a global menu

Your dopamine will be at an all-time high!

This Ahmedabad restaurant will let you take Instagrammable pictures and promises a global menu

If culture, colours, and food don't come to your mind when we mention Ahmedabad, you don't really know this vibrant city (and its food) in Gujarat. Walk the lanes of Ahmedabad and we bet, you will be swayed by the aroma of the regional cuisine and more. While Ahmedabad is known for preserving its heritage, it is also a city that is persistently evolving and making way for global cuisines that bring you the best of the world on a plate! 

Having said that, with elevation comes responsibility, and the need to make the dining experience a more cohesive one. With Indians spending more than three hours a day on social media, the question remains—is having a solid menu enough? It's safe to say that Ahmedabad has already redefined the dining experience with its newest restaurant, Pepito, which not only serves you great food but also brings you a space that looks stunning on your feed. 


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In an era where "good vibes" supersede Excel skills on your resume, this restaurant in Gujarat understands the assignment. From the moment you step into this sprawling space, its bohemian decor instantly makes you feel at ease, making you forget any stressors that may be tugging at your sleeve. From there on, it's just you, your loved ones, the calming air and gorgeously plated food that double up your dopamine. It is this cohesiveness and experiential dining that is taking India by storm and transforming its culinary landscape. 

With global cuisines such as Asian, European, and Mexican, apart from modern Indian, the restaurant has become the go-to spot for those seeking a fusion of flavours and culture. It's almost like taking a trip around the world! However, as Indians, while we open our hearts to various cuisines, a dash of localisation goes a long way and that's exactly what Sujit Mehta, the co-founder stands for. "Even though the main theme is global, the meal may have special touches or modifications to suit the varied preferences of Indian customers. Pepito wants to offer a variety of flavours that suit everyone, regardless of geography or gastronomic preferences," informs Mehta. Try their range of sushi and dumplings as well as the comforting Neapolitan pizzas and gumbos with rice for the best experience!

To add to the vibe, the aromas of great coffee make the barista area feel like a treasure trove, serving up everything from classic cold brews to special treats like affogatos and pour-overs. Not letting down the tea enthusiasts, there's a refreshing variety of ice teas to explore. What's more, if you want to be totally on-trend, an aesthetic image of you with your bubble tea on IG is where the numbers are! 

All in all, don’t miss out on the Pepito experience—it's a taste of the world right in the heart of the city! Pepito will officially open to the public on December 4.