6 Ways to be More Productive at Work

...and get sh*t done!



1) Take breaks. Taking mini breaks from non-stop work, can really give your mind a quick moment it so badly needs! Walk away from your desk (even if it is to use the restroom) as often as possible to clear your mind. It's also super important to take a lunch break away from your computer. Food fuels your mind too!

2) Eliminate all distractions. If you want to get sh*t done at work, it is important to eliminate as many distraction as possible. Turn off music, put away your phone, close out of your email (if possible) and focus on what you need to get done! 

3) Focus on one task at a time. Only a very small percentage of people can multi-task effectively. Most people should focus on completing one task fully, if possible, before moving on to the next. 

4) Clean up your space. If you are feeling flustered at work, cleaning up your space can really make a huge difference. Clutter around you can also clutter your mind, so take a few minutes and clean up your desk before starting your next task.

5) Say no​. This is a tricky one, but if you feel way too overwhelmed and not producing the high quality work  expected from you, it is a good idea to learn to say no. Take on what you can actually handle vs. wearing a million hats and losing the quality of your work. 

6) Schedule meetings with yourself. Block out certain times during the day to focus on that one task that needs your undivided attention. Do not accept any meeting invites during this time or answer any emails that pop up. Instead, use the dedicated time to complete an assignment.