5 Ways to Resolve Conflict With Your Coworkers

"Can I talk to you?"




No one likes to deal with conflict at work. Unfortunately arguments happen amongst coworkers but it is very important to deal with them in a professional manner. Here are 5 ways to handle work conflict without losing your sh*t. 

1) Take time to cool off. If you were just part of a conflict, it may be wise to walk away and cool off. Doing so will give you (and the other person) time to gather your thoughts and think rationally.

2) Ask to speak to them alone. Once you have calmed down, ask to speak to your coworker privately. Explain your side of the situation without displaying any confrontational behaviour. 

3) Listen to their side. Allow yourself to be open minded and listen to your coworkers' feelings. It's important to understand how your actions may have bothered them as well. 

4) Write down any future confrontations. Note any future conflicts or unacceptable behaviour from your coworker. This information may be needed if conflicts continue to escalate and you need to present to management. 

5) Speak to your management. If all else fails, it may be time to take your case to your superiors. Explain the situation sharing your detailed notes and let them mediate the situation.