7 Definite Signs You Are Born To Be An Entrepreneur





Some people are born to be their own boss! They possess leadership qualities and love thinking outside the box. Here are 7 additional telltale signs you are destined to be your own boss!

1) You are a risk taker. Although you may be known to take risks, you never make irrational decisions. All of the risks you take are carefully thought out and help you grow as an individual.

2) You are a hard worker. You work harder than most people you know and live by the motto: 'I'll sleep when I am dead'. You often feel guilty for relaxing or watching TV because you feel like you should be working. #workhardplayhard

3) You are self-disciplined. You don't need a manager to tell you what to do! You are self-sufficient and get sh*t done without any direction at all!

4) ​You are super competitive. You love competition and always thrive to be the best! Anything less is never acceptable to you.

5) You always have new ideas. No matter where you go, you are always thinking of new creative concepts! Your brain is constantly on the go and you often come up with brilliant ideas in random places!

6) You hate taking orders. You are a rebel and don't like to taking instruction from others. Although it may get you in trouble at times, you do as you please and continue to succeed!

7) You are always willing to learn. Though you may be a master in your field, you are always open to learning new things. You are curious by nature and love asking questions to expand your knowledge.

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