5 Easy Tips To Help You Become A Better Public Speaker


Speaking in front of a crowd can be extremely intimidating, especially if it is something you are not used to doing. But the good news is that with confidence and a lot of practice, you can master the art of public speaking in no time. Here are 5 tips that will help you overcome your public speaking fear, fast! 

1) Know your audience. It is extremely important to understand who you are speaking to. It will help you convey your message better and instantly make you feel more confident. 

2) Take a deep breath and R-E-L-A-X! Many people get tensed before speaking to an audience, but it is very important to remind yourself to stay calm. Taking deep breaths and quieting your mind will prevent you from stuttering  or forgetting your words.

3) Speak slowly! For non-experienced public speakers, it is very natural to want to speak fast to ensure you say everything on their mind. Resist that urge. Speaking slowing will get your message across and give you enough time to think about everything you are saying. 

4) Be conversational. Instead of memorizing your speech word to word, memorize the most important points and try having a dialogue with your audience. It will instantly put you at ease and your speech will flow effortlessly.

5) Practice, Practice, Practice! Obvious, but true. Practice makes anything perfect! Practice your speech alone, with family and friends, even try recording yourself to find your flaws. You will become a lot more comfortable with the message you want to convey and public speaking will soon feel like second nature to you!