The Exact Time You Should Eat Dinner to Lose More Weight !!!

Skip all the myths, because this one is approved by scientists.




You know the myths we are talking about, but the biggest one of all? Don't eat dinner after 7pm.

So we stick to it, we eat dinner hours before, but struggle to fall asleep, when our rumbling tummies keep us awake. And we end up doing the dreaded, extremely no-no thing ever – late night snacking!

All the gym sessions and dieting goes out the window, with this sinful deed. For all those people struggling to get the summer-body, but falling short, this could be the reason why.

So how late is too late to eat? When exactly should you stop eating?

Scientists struggle to agree on a single time, but the general consensus, is...

*drum rolls please*

Within three hours before bedtime.

Regardless of whatever time you go to bed, try and eat, three hours before that. So if you go to bed by 11pm, eat by 8pm. That's not so bad now, is it? No more of this crap, about eating before 7.

Good luck getting that bikini-bod, now!