Looking For a Model Life? Meet Your Match...

Elegant, confident, and powerfully simple—the all-new Volvo S90 has all the making of a supermodel. Here's why.




What sets a supermodel apart from us mere mortals? It's the elegance, poise, and the ability to shine through. While one might attribute these qualities to a model, the all-new Volvo S90 is one car that'll stun you with its state-of-the art features and stylish looks—making it the perfect subject for an ace photographer. Here are four reasons why we think this car is as ah-mazing as a Swedish supermodel.

Elegance in Motion

When a supermodel walks into the room, the first thing that you notice is her form, her elegance — something that comes with success. When it comes to Volvo S90, you'd notice its sophisticated design—the metallic grille is by far the nicest one any Volvo has ever sported. Or take into account the light alloy wheels—which contribute the whole element of sophistication—are meticulously crafted exclusively for this model.

What's Inside is What Makes You Shine Bright

A model, if not comfortable in her skin, wouldn't seem confident on the outside. You wouldn't see her strutting it down the runway with panache. Same goes with a car—what's inside of it is what contributes to how powerful it seems on the outside. The Volvo S90 boasts of a semi-autonomous driving technology—the idea is to make the car safer and the drive more meaningful. And not just that, the interiors of the car are like a Scandinavian sanctuary!

A Unique Personality

We get attracted to things that catch our eye amidst a plethora of other things. The ideal supermodel nails the art of standing out from the crowd with her jaw-dropping attitude, and the Volvo S90 is no different. By providing a luxury listening experience from Bowers and Wilkins—their partners in audio innovation—the car creates an audiophile's paradise. The fine leather upholstery on the S90 seats that are designed around your natural body shape will redefine opulence and make you fall head over heels in love with the car.

An Effortless Transition

A supermodel's star trait is her versatility — how well can she blend in the umpteen roles she is supposed to portray, effortlessly acing her game with sheer confidence. The Volvo S90 is like that model, it will create the perfect world you need — be it soul searching on a long solo drive, the quintessential setting of quality time on a romantic date, the outrageously fun-filled family outing brimming with joy and laughter or, the first ride to work every morning, when you crave an instant boost of self-confidence to power through a new day.

If you get your hands on this uber luxe buy, the journey will entice you more than the destination you're heading for, while your car will be your new BFF!

Atul Kasbekar — an ace fashion photographer, Bollywood producer, and entrepreneur talks about finding his perfect model in this miraculous piece of automobile engineering, that is anything but mundane.

And we have our minds blown away with the comparison that could not be more true!

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