This App Is Going To Decide If You're Happy Or Not

It's the official techno-takeover...




There are times of the day when we've pretty much got our mood on template (morning coffee = happy, post-lunch slum = sad). But Moo-Q can now tell you what time you're happy, nervous, receptive etc (of course they'd make an app for that sooner or later!) so you can use it to figure out what works best for you when it comes to doing the things you've got to do.

Moo-Q asks how you how happy or unhappy you're feeling at a certain point in the day. Then it records the way you perform on some mental tests that help measure your memory and processing ability and speed during the course of the day, news.com.au reported.

"The app will alert you to changes in your brain over time, in memory or processing speed, and it can even help you to exercise your brain," Dr Sophie von Stumm from University of London told the media. After taking the tests, the app-users can even make customised Moo charts! That way, you figure out if misery turns your wheels best, or if it's a happy face you need to get things done.