This Is How Many Meals You Need to Have Per Day to Lose More Weight

Nice to have some clarity on this, finally!

Should you have 6 lighter meals or 3 proper meals to lose weight? Or should you choose to diet over exercising to reach your body weight goals? The quest for the best weight loss trick in the world and the debate could go on for ages, like it already has...

Just when you think you have an action plan in place, ready for execution, some study or the other shakes your faith and makes you question your choices. When the results aka reality doesn't match your expectations, that is.

Don't worry, we're all on the same boat here.

Weight loss (or life, in general) can never be figured out in advance. So, what you can do is establish some ground rules, besides your routine efforts to result in drop of a few kilos, ASAP.

Starting with the number of meals you should be consuming per day, you can change the way you manage your calories (obviously). According to a new study published in the journal Obesity, researchers found that eating six meals a day does NOT control hunger any better than eating three square meals. The British Journal of Nutrition backs the claim by mentioning that it is the number of calories consumed that matters the most, and not the frequency of meals.

Looks like, eating three square meals a day is a wiser option. For more weight loss secrets, read:

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