14 Signs You're Ready To Go Freelance

Work meetings make you want to stab yourself in the eye.




1. Work meetings make you want to stab yourself in the eye. Especially with the newbies who are super keen-beans and ask a million questions like they're really ~participating~. When you're freelance, the only meetings you really need to have are with yourself - and people you choose to if you so wish to get another opinion.

2. You have no time for office draaama. Like that girl who's always getting teary over self-confidence issues and, well, every other little thing. There are only so many times you can tell her "No really, you're amaaaaazing." When you're freelancing from home, people's high emotions will be… not your problem.

3. You can't deal with the office emails anymore. Like emails about the dirty kitchen fridge, the state of the toilets or whether anyone stole Tammy's headphones from her top drawer. Freelancers have better things to care about, like setting up a business ABN, scoring awesome new clients and figuring out which yoga classes to do.

4. Team bonding is your idea of hell. There's always that one person who gets WAY excited about group days out together, team sports or office baking days. If you're kind of not into this then you'll love freelancing and choosing to hang with people only when you want to.

5. You can't stand bitchy colleagues. Don't talk to me about how Sammy said such-and-such to Jenny and now you feel so betrayed. I'm busy being important.

6. The restrictions of "work foods" really bring you down. When you're freelancing at home, your own kitchen is right there, so you can whip up all types of gourmet feasts at lunchtime. You can even bake fresh Nutella cookies at 3pm.

7. You like dressing down. You're a bit over coming up with a different outfit and putting on a full face of make-up every single day. Freelance uniform is trackies and Uggies (unless you're Carrie Bradshaw).

8. You need more sleep. Naps, even. Whoever invented the idea that work hours are nine to five is a hideous human. When you're freelancing you can work the hours that you like and that allow you to kick the most arse.

9. You're good at technology. There will be no IT man to help you when your laptop has a spaz or wi-fi drops out. One of the pitfalls of freelance life unforch.

10. You're good at zoning out distractions. When your Netflix/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Tumblr is dancing up an enticing little storm wanting you to step over to the fun side, you must be able to resist if you hope to make a living out of freelancing and not become a bum.

11. You love your pet. Hopefully you have an animal companion of some type because there will be days when you'll go eight hours without speaking to a single soul except for them. At least it's less crazy than talking to the wall. Slightly.

12. You don't need to be told what to do. It takes serious self-discipline and initiative to be a freelancer and manage your own time. On the plus side, you won't have a boss looking over your shoulder - it's all up to you, honey.

13. You know you've got SKILLZ. You're at a stage in your career where you're super experienced, have heaps of great contacts in your industry and love the idea of being your own BAWSE. Oh, and you're in a line of work that contracts work out on the reg (pretty much all careers do these days). 

14. You're great with money. As the pay can be sporadic and some companies are slower than others to process invoices, you'll need to be sensible about your spending and have a great savings system just in case there's ever a dry spell. Once you're established though, there's often potential to earn above and beyond what you were ever earning before.

By Rebecca Sloan

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