Too Much Facebook-ing Might Mean You Have Social Anxiety Disorder!

…time to stop #LivingForLikes

​It's a scary new development, but apparently a constant need to post your life's happenings on Facebook means you might, indeed, have SAD. 

Researchers at the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour, and Social Networking recently published a study that found that a disturbing amount of Facebook use was a result of a certain set of personality attributes that had a lot to do with a need for social assurance. 

"But the link between social anxiety and an excessive use of Facebook was only significant for users who had medium-to-high-levels of need for social assurance—defined as a strong desire to seek companionship and interact with others," lead researcher Roselyn Lee-Won of Ohio State University, Columbus told the media.

It turns out that people with social anxiety have a tendency to prefer the non-confrontational Facebook universe to the real one, and if your use of this social network borders on a bit too much, it could be a sign that you might have SAD as well.

(Just in case, though, it might be time for a little #ThrowbackThoroughcheck to make sure all's clear).