This Racoon Is An Instagram Superstar!

And his best friends? These heart-breakingly cute dogs…




​Pumpkin, an adorable rescued raccoon (that just happens to have an Insta-army of 60,000+ peeps, by the way) is the cutest thing you'll see today. And that's not just because he is the most 'awwww!'-inducing animal there is (and he is), but because he has the sweetest happy-playtime with these two absolutely darling dogs (Toffee and Oreo). Look! Look how cute!

Laura and William Young of Nassau in The Bahamas, found a tiny, month-old pumpkin injured in their backyard and took him in, because, well, isn't it obvious?

"Pumpkin likes air conditioning and 'people food' like watermelon and eggs—prepared sunny-side up", Laura told Daily Mail. Other life skills? He's a pro at using the toilet too. 

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