Forget the Rule About Drinking 8 Glasses of Water. The Key to Staying Hydrated is In Your Phone!





You know how've you been taught your whole life that you must drink 8 glasses of water day? Well, new research suggests that the age old rule may in fact be a myth. According to US-based paediatrician Aaron Carroll, we're don't actually get dehydrated without consuming eight glasses of water. It's obvious that we don't just get our water intake in the day from actual water; there are fruits, vegetables, even alcoholic beverages.

So if eight glasses of water isn't the norm, how many glasses is? Studies say that it depends on you, your body type, your location and many other factors. And lucky for you, there's an app that can actually help you!

Just download iDrate and it calculates everything for you in a giffy. After asking you to feed in details like height, weight, how much you exercise, and at what intensity, the app sets a target for you: the amount of water you should be consuming in day.

Here, check it out!

But that's not even the coolest part. You can even log in your daily water intake and analyse your hydration levels for the last seven days. Then there's also the fact that the app sends you reminders to hydrate yourself at certain points of the day.

Think of it as a personal trainer for the water levels in your body. The catch: the app is only available on the iPhone, but Android users can try out Hydrate, that'll also do the trick. And hey, it wouldn't hurt to have some extra water anyway. You'll get gorgeous glowing skin from it at least!