They Asked Her for Dowry, So She Exposed Them on Social Media!

Yup, for real!




Here's a quick history lesson. 

Oxford Dictionary defines dowry as "an amount of property or money​ brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage." If you're from India, you're pretty familiar with the concept, if not, well then, lucky you.

Now, here's a fact: dowry is illegal in India. And it has been since the implementation of the Dowry Prohibition Act in 1961. So when, Remya Ramachandran's future in-laws demanded money and gold as dowry, the girl decided to stick it to them.

Next thing you know, there's a Facebook post going viral where Ramya openly calls off her wedding (on social media) and articulately, and in great detail, tells the world what was 'expected' of her and her family. Did I mention that the post was written in a local dialect? 

Regardless, it got noticed and people started commenting on and sharing Ramya's bold move. Here's the post.

[facebook ]https://www.facebook.com/remya.ramachandran.3/posts/10207053038260825?pnref=story[/facebook]

Loosely translated, before the engagement, the family in question claimed that they just needed her. And after the engagement, they wanted her to give five lakh rupees and 50 sovereigns of gold. Remya then decided against the alliance because she thought that it would be a "losing proposition to buy into a family that cannot keep its word." 

Kudos! That' the way to hit back. There's a happy story for you to share. Don't scare your daughters with the countless dowry deaths that take place in our country everyday (there were 8,455 in 2014 alone according to the National Crime Records Bureau). 

Empower them instead with the stories of the many women who fight the practice of dowry. There's a reason why it was banned. And we need to remind people that.