Tech Things Only an Indian 90's Kid Will Understand

Three words: Microsoft. Office. Assistant.




#1 The pain of waiting for your dial-up connection to finally complete so you can finally check your Yahoomail.

#2 Getting yelled at by a parent because they needed to use the phone,  and they got that screeching-robot noise when they picked it up (even today, that sound would bring back that sweet sense of scolding).

#3 Playing Dave, Aladdin and Prince of Persia demo versions on your computer and falling off cliffs or getting stuck somewhere (because that's all the levels the demo version had) so you'd be temped to go buy the full version—which you never did, because that wouldn't be free.

#4 Having Disney films on the VCR, and being super pissed off when the VCD player came out because NOW what were you going to do with all your clunky Willy Wonka tapes?

#5 The coolest goddamn thing in the book was being able to own a walkman (and the Now! That's What I Call Music tapes to go withit).

#6 The joy of killing a turtle by jumping on it, or making a flying leap between two floating bricks in SuperMario on the Nintendo Gameboy.

#7 Answering machines being the SH*T! The unfettered delight of having to record an answering machine message—and this feeling that only cool people had them.

#8 Sending photographs to develop at Kodak or Nikon. And waiting for a week to get them back. And the fact that one shot was all you got because you only 36 pictures to a roll of film.

#9 Digital Watches: And if you had one with a neon-green screen that flashed at nighttime, you knew you truly had swag.

#10 The annoyance caused by Microsoft Office Assistant that turned up in numerous forms: The two favourite hits being 'exasperating woman' and 'nosy paper clip'.