Can You Guess Which Indian Hotel Has Been Declared The World's BEST Hotel?

Hint: it's in Jodhpur

​There are already PLENTY of good hotels around the world but this one in India is the most favourite of the travelers across the world. 

Curious to know which hotel is the one?

Well, its the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur which has bagged the title of the best hotel in the world by TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award.

Built between the 20's and the 40s for Maharaja​ Umaid Singh, this gorgeous hotel sprawls across 26 acres of thick gardens and has a total of 347 rooms inside it. A portion of the grand palace is now run by the Taj Group of Hotels and just around 64 rooms are used as hotel rooms and suites for the tourists. 

Umaid Bhawan was designed by Henry Lanchester, a famous Edwardian architect who exhibited a mixture of both eastern and western culture on the palace. So, you don't only get a fabulous, luxury experience, you get the perfect cocktail of Indian culture with modern tech that makes life livable. 

This royal hotel welcomes its visitors with horns, drums, a royal velvet canopy and champagne. Further, it offers them oodles of royalty with its underground spa pools and splendid dining halls. The palace also includes an enormous museum and a room that can cost you around 50,000 bucks or more for a night.

The TripAdvisor's list of world's 25 best hotels has just one more Indian hotel- Orange County Resorts Kabini in Karnataka that is placed at the 13th spot.

If you are bitten by wanderlust and want to experience uber grandeur of Indian culture, then Umaid Bhawan Palace must be on the top of your bucket list this year!

Image Credits: Taj Hotel

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