The French Government Has Passed a Law that Makes It Illegal to Waste Food!

The law imposes a ban on supermarket to waste unused food, instead compels them to donate it to charity.




Clearly the French know how to do things right, whether it's fashion or passing incredible laws!

The Ministry of Food in France has recently passed a law declaring that supermarkets are banned from discarding the unused or expired food, instead compelling them to donate it to food banks and charities or use it to make animal feed, compost or energy. 

This law puts an end to the practice of wasting copious amounts of food by pouring chemicals on it once its unfit for sale, as had been the usual practice till the passing of the law. The Ministry called this practice 'scandalous' and gave green signals to the law with an ambitious target to reduce the country's food wastage by half till 2025.

A popular French newspaper reports that by doing this, the country would be saving an average of 20-30 kg food per person annually! 

Currently, France is the only country which has an enforced law demanding the redirection of unused food to the needy, but here's hoping that soon other countries follow suit!

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