ICICI Bank Shows the Way, Lets Women Employees Work From Home for up to a Year

The option is available for all the women employees, except those in direct customer facing roles




A one of its kind program, ICICI Bank recently launched its initiative- iWork@home that allows female employees to comfortably work from home for up to a year! 

One of the largest private lender in the country, the bank made its initiative possible by using face recognition technology which allows the women employees the access to the core banking servers from their laptops.   

This option is available for all women employees, except those in direct customer facing roles and would include young mothers, employees with medical condition, pregnant employees etc. Along with this initiative, the bank has also launched another useful initiative where any female employee whose a mother of a  child up to three years of age, can take the kid along with her on  official trips having overnight stay. 

A total of 50 employees have already started working under this project, and the bank has received more than 100 requests for the same. Chanda Kochhar, MD and CEO of ICICI Bank shared in an interview, "These two measures are aimed at creating an enabling environment which will help many women to pursue their careers successfully while attending the needs of their families."