Another 7 Types of Friends Every Girl Has

"Really? You watch that show with the Kardashians?"




If you read 7 Types of Friends Every Girl Has, and thought that maybe, just maybe, there were a few more, we present to you a brand new batch of buddies that you'll recognise on your friends list...

#1. The Narcissist

This girl puts the 'me' back in mental rambling. You could have an anecdote about a crazy monkey being let loose in your hotel room, or an observation about a snazzy sports car on the road. She can (and trust us, she will) find a way to route the conversation back to herself. 

#2. The Intellectual Douche

This girl's always making you feel bad about wanting to wear nail polish, not knowing the specifics of net neutrality, and following Kylie Jenner on Instagram. She probably reeks of patchouli incense and has a tattered copy of Kaffka in her carryall wherever she goes. 

#4. The Activist

This friend is incredible, often painfully, socially aware, and cares about more causes that you care to count. Not only is she incessantly verbal about just how much needs to be fixed in the world through peaceful/violent protest (whatever's her poison for the day), but insists you partake of the action by spending your Sunday picketing 'fascist' corporations. 

#5. The Walking Selfie

This girl is a firm believer in the phrase 'it doesn't count until it's on Instagram'. Any social event—from a wild girl's night to casual coffee-laden catch-up, is barraged with a series of photographs so they can find their way onto social media with a limitless sea of hashtags to supplements. #obsessed #turnoffthatflashgirl #okaythats enough

#6. The Hot One

This girl comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the packaging is always incredibly pretty. If you're always mentally prepared for the men flocking to her like sheep while a sip a sangria solo on the side, you know this one well. She manages to always smell like a spring garden and look like she walked off of a Ralph Lauren billboard. 

#7. The Crier

This straight-from-a-chick-flick cliche may seem less likely in real life, but most of us have one. This one is always falling apart at the seams—in varying degrees. Whether the fresh catastrophe is her being yelled at by her boss for a job not-so-well done, or her boyfriend putting up a vacay post with another girl in the frame, this girl is always on the verge of brewing batch of tears.