How to Prevent a Cold...Even Before It Starts!

These tips are life-saving!




​Sitting with a box of tissues and a water-tap nose because of a cold is beyond annoying, we know,  and even worse when you have a hectic day ahead. We get your pain, which is why we've  listed these hacks to stop a cold in its tracks and stay healthy all season...

1. Clean Those Hands

Yes, your mom always said when you were a kid, but she was right. Whether it's your cell phone, laptop, clutch or book, everything around you is loaded with germs and you can do a big favour to your immune system by keeping your hands clean. Wash your hands frequently to keep germs away and keep a sanitiser handy wherever you go. PS: even your face can be loaded with germs, so avoid touching it.

2. Stay Away from Sick People

Yes, it sounds cruel, but cold germs are rather clever—did you know that an infected person can spread his/her germs even from six to 10 feet away? All it takes is one sneeze, one cough, or even breathing close by. So if your friends or colleagues are unwell, keep your distance. 

3. Say Yes to Exercise

We already know exercising is the best way to keep fit, but did you know it can also keep away those dreaded cold and flu bugs?According to one study of 1,000 people, experts found that working out literally halved the odds of catching cold viruses. And even if the people caught a bug, it wasn't as severe.​ This is because being active boosts your immune system, and also helps reduce stress levels, which in turn releases endorphins that are also good for your immune system. That said, if you're already sick, give that treadmill a miss—your body needs all the rest it can get, to recuperate.  

4. Drink This

Make it a habit to drink lemon tea with honey and cinnamon to keep cold at bay. If not this, try drinking lukewarm water with lemon empty stomach every morning. These cuppas don't just have antibacterial properties, but they also help improve your digestion. 

5. Say Goodnight

Not getting enough sleep and nutrition are one of the major reasons for lowered immunity levels. Aim to get enough sleep—experts say 8-9 hours a day—and supplement it with a healthy diet.