Going to the Gym Might Actually Improve your Memory!

New study has found out the relation between exercising and memory retention.




Love it or hate it, exercising has a LOT of benefits, and another addition to the 'Why You Need to Start Exercising RN' is this new study, published by the American Academy of Neurology, states that exercising may slow down brain aging by 10 years and improve cognitive functions like memory.

The study found that elderly people (with an average age of 71 years) who exercised, moderately or regularly, performed better on tests which assessed their cognitive abilities like retaining memory, and were able to decline cognitive decline (including loss of memory) by 10 years.

This result is because of the various physiological changes the body goes through while exercising, like increased blood flow to the brain, release of dopamine and improved brain oxygenation. 

The researchers also state that exercises like yoga or taking a short walk is not enough, participants engaged in high activity exercises, like aerobics or running, were the better performers in the test.

So there you go! Happy exercising!